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Mark, thanks for listing my jeep on your site. It's going to a real nice family in Michigan.
Jerry K
Mark this Jeep has been sold thank you for a great experience and have an awesome week ahead!
All The Best, Matt
Please mark the ad for 1954 M 170 top as sold, thanks. Your site is great. Had two people ask about it and second one bought. This is second time I sold on your site and purchased a M 151 3 years ago from your ads.
Todd Wright
Hello Mark, Thank you for posting it has already SOLD this morning. Someone emailed me at midnight.
Danny Mac
Thanks to my ad on your web site I've sold my 1943 Ford GPW
Thank you, Frank N
Hello Mark, We sold for close to the asking price, with pictures only. We shipped the vehicle in a closed transport trailer, splitting the cost. I also placed an ad in Auto Trader but the sale came from War Jeeps!
Thanks, Margaret
Hello Mark, At this time we have this jeep sold we posted on your page. Had great response and the gentlemen is picking up next week. My Nieghbor who I posted for greatly appreciates it and said he will be using your site more often.
Thanks again, Marty Ooley
Sold my jeep for my price after about 2-months. Very satisfied. This is an excellent, well managed site. Received many calls. Be patient and someone with the $'s will eventually come along. Watch for scammers. They seem to be attracted to these high dollar vehicles but are easy to spot if you are careful.
Tom Warren
Had immediate interest and M151 A2 Jeep sold to first respondent. Could not be more satisfied. Thank you so much for hosting the website.
Best Regards, Don B.
Good Morning Mark, I wanted to contact and inform you that my jeep has been sold. The buyer saw my jeep on your website. Thanks for posting the ad!
Have a great day and Holiday Season! Michael M.
Mark, my M38A1 has sold and is on it's way to Greeley, CO. Excellent website and great communication! Thank you for your help in selling my jeep!
OG Phelps
Hi Mark, I had about 5 or 6 inquiries from your ad, as a result I sold it.
Thank you, Mark
Hi Mark, Thanks to you guys our Jeep has sold! Great work and please mark our ad as sold.
Thank you, William Jackson
I sold my 1944 Ford Jeep the day before yesterday but just confirmed wire transfer as complete today.
Thank you! Heidi    P.S. I'm telling all my car friends about your site!
Only place I advertised and WarJeeps produced plenty of interest. Easy to use and provided just what I needed to sell my Jeep.
Bryan B.
Mark, Brokered a deal on the jeep today, so it is sold!!! Thank you very much for the site and your helpfulness in the process. I was able to hit a huge market with
Thank you, John Ehrk
Mark, I got 4-5 people interested in the item. The ad worked very well, thank you! Hope to list more in the weeks ahead.
Mitch O.
Mark, the Jeep M715 sold today. Thanks for a great website, keep up the good work.
Jim Edwards
Thank you so much for your service. I had six people contact me and it was SOLD in two days.
Steve Frushour
Mark, my jeep is sold. Thank you for the service you provide to the green community.
Steve E.
Sold our M715 and could have sold three more just like it. Headed to Washington State. Thanks Mark!!
Steve Davis
Mark, the jeep has been sold, sold to first contact. Going to a Jeep lover in a great new home in Michigan, will spend winters in heated barn, summers out and about.
Thanks to, Ken Luthe
Mark, it was a quick sale. Sold for asking price. Your site is great so quick and easy to use! Had a lot of contacts. The first contact bought it within 24 hours!! I will definitely recommend your site to all my friends!
Thank you so much!! Dale DeLoach
I had 2 inquires, and the person who bought was a customer that I did business with before but he saw the ad on your website.
Thanks! Steve G.
Good afternoon Mark. A down payment on my 1942 GPW has cleared the bank. It sold for the asking price and I've had several other people willing to pay this. The down payment was made just 2 days after listed the buyer is in Australia.
Thanks!! Charlie B.
Hello Mark, I am happy (and a little sad) to report the m170 has been sold and on its way to NC soon.
Thanks for your help in this, Gary K.
Thank You, I had an almost immediate response. The buyer is sending the payment and asked for the ad to be marked SOLD !
Thanks again, Don Boston
Mark, I appreciate your website. I am happy to report the jeep has sold and did so within one day of the ad going up!
Johnathan B
Mark thank you for the ad. Sold the 44 willys today. During the sale had several people interested.
Again Thanks!!! Fred
Hey guys, I put my Jeep up yesterday and it sold today! Thanks for a great site! Please mark it SOLD.
Dave Fortuna
Hello, thanks to my ad on your site I found and bought a jeep! Amazing the reach of If you want you can remove my jeep wanted ad now as it's no longer needed.
Thanks, Tom Yeager
Hi Mark, I just wanted to let you know the jeep has been sold and can be marked as such on the Thank you for the support and assistance in getting it sold.
Jonas Bell
IT SOLD!!! Thank you for all your help and I hope I am in the market for another one when I get situated in either Ohio or Michigan. Best wishes for a great 2021 and, again, I really appreciate your help. First Class experience with you and your company.
Best Regards, John
I received many inquiries because of your ad. The buyer was about the 6th person, also the most positive offer.
Thanks, Mike Stone
Mark, I wanted to say Thank You for the help selling my Willys. I am in Kansas and my buyer was in California.
Thanks, Steve Bryan
After selling his M274 A5 "Sand Mule" Dave Salomon writes:
Overall, I must say that selling on your site, even considering the nature of what we're dealing with here, your site has the best environment and exposure for a successful sale.
Thanks again for the help, Dave Salomon
Hi Mark, Happy to let you know that our 1943 Ford GPW Jeep was sold to a Fellow in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom. The Jeep will be shipped out in a few weeks. Thanks so much to for their help. Please list our Jeep as sold so the phone will stop ringing with people showing interest in the Jeep.
Regards, Dave & Rhea Marmet

I listed four military vehicles with in June of 2020. One of them sold within 24 hours! The remaining three were sold by the end of August 2020. The process of getting them listed on the website was seamless. I have sold on other websites and hands down this was the best decision to list on Mark charges no fees to sellers or buyers and that is a service not found today. I would highly recommend listing your military vehicles on this website.
Jay Perkins
I was listing the jeep for a friend and he had two (2) inquires and the second purchased the jeep. As you might remember I sold my m38A1 on your site also. Your site is the "go to" site for listings and for having a better than average chance of selling. Thanks for all the listings.
Glen Miller
I purchased a Mighty Mite from Mr. Perkins after seeing it advertised on your site. He was great to work with and everything went very smooth from our first to our last communication. Thanks for making it possible.
Art Allum
Hi Mark. The jeep has been sold. Thank you for all your help. I appreciate it. The WarJeeps ad was successful.
Nick Lee
Mark, My Jeep has been sold. I received a total of 6 inquiries and three of them wanted to buy it right then and there. Thank you for having such a Great Jeep selling sight. I would have never had such quick success without your website.
Greg Champion
Mark, I posted on June 10 and had 3 inquiries about 2 of my 4 Jeeps the next day. I have sold one and still working on getting another one sold. It has all been a direct result of your website. I am very pleased with the results.
Jay Perkins
This is the right site. Sold our M38A1 to the perfect buyer. Win/Win/Win for all.
Glen Miller
Sold my Jeep on quickly! Every inquiry was a knowledgeable collector instead of the waste of time people here in Texas wanting to take it "mudding"!
Thank you Diane Paulette
Sold my Jeep that was listed on your site. It went back to England, supposedly will be used to do tours in Normandy.
Thanks for all your help! Chris Dyer
My vehicle, listed on your site, sold as a result of the ad. I found your site very easy to use and obviously one that caught the buyers attention.
Thanks, Dave Spoor

Mark, I sure want to thank you for your listing site. I sold three jeeps with trailers on your site in four weeks also my best friend sold his in three weeks also my other friend sold his jeep in two weeks. Just want to thank you again, your are one of the best persons that I have ever done business with. I highly recommend you and your sight it's the best out their. I have sold about twenty five vehicles over the years and you are the BEST.
Thanks Again, Buddy Miller
Hi Mark, happy to let you know that Tim's jeep is sold and is with its new owner in Missouri. Thanks for your help! Great service for Jeep owners and buyers alike.
Tim and Marti Mueller
The sale was a direct result of the ad. In fact, I got a lot of interest because of your site. It was a great experience. Thank you
James Snelling
This site works. My sale of a completely restored 1942 GPW took a week or so, despite a high-end price. Well done!
John Satterfield
Hi Mark: My 45 GPW sold overnight. Thank You for all you do.
Tom Furrer
My Willys Jeep has sold. I had it on eBay and on WarJeeps. The largest traffic was from your site.
Thank you! Jeff Scharping
Hello Mark, Thanks for the help selling my jeep. Great website you have. Sent you and your business a donation today.
Thanks again, Kevin North
Hi Mark, I sold my 1971 M151A2 on Saturday. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the use of your website. It was purchased by someone from Colorado who was just a terrific guy and ex-army so I'm glad it went to someone who I know really appreciates owning a piece of history and the heritage that goes with it. Thanks again Mark for your personal help in placing the ad.
Keep on Jeepin'! Marv Berhow
Mark, Thanks for posting my ad. Jeep SOLD in one Week... You can mark my ad SOLD...
Eddie Williamson
I have sold my 1967 M151 A-1 Thank you! you guys are awesome!
Lindsay Orr
Just wanted to let you know that I sold the 1942 Ford GPW the other day. The buyer contacted me from seeing the ad on your site. I used the 'Featured Ad' section. I got some good leads and a guy from Oregon ended up buying my restored jeep.
Thanks for the help, Don Fowler
Mark as sold. He bought the jeep for my new reduced price. The website was great! You were very helpful. Thank you so much!!!
Gwen Sirochman
Hello Mark, I sold the Willys Jeep already! Thank you so much for your help!!! Only took 3 days! Got 5 calls in that short time - sold it to the first person who looked at it for asking price, no haggling.
Jean Foster
Hi Mark, I wanted to say thanks for the effort you put into your website including the free classified advertisement service. It helped me sell an M151.
Larry King
Hi Mark, I sold the 1/4 ton trailer the sale was a result of the ad on WarJeeps. I had a few inquiries and had an excellent buyer!!
Thanks for your help, Clyde
Hi Mark, The 1944 Ford GPW listed on your site (serial number 214852) with the Odograph system, has been sold. Sale price was $32,000. Sold to a private museum.
Thanks Terry and Carolyn O'Connor
Hi Mark, The Jeep sold today! Thank you very much for letting us post our Jeep on your Website. This is the 2nd Jeep that we sold through your website.
Susan Shepherd
Hello Mark, I just wanted to let you know that my M38 military Jeep, that I posted using your website, has sold. Thank you, I really appreciate your help and the use of your website for selling my Jeep.
Thank you for your time, Bill Davis
Hi Mark, Please mark my 1942 Ford Army Jeep sold. We had a lot of response and sold to a military reenactor from Ohio. Thank you for allowing me to advertise on your site.
Clyde W. Rector
My jeep sold in less than a week and I had three interested buyers. I am very pleased with this site.
Thank You, Doc Justin
Just wanted to update that our Jeep has been sold. Thank you very much you guys are great!
Luke Hansen
Hey Mark - Thanks so much for advertising my jeep and trailers. Your web site is awesome.
Take care, Barrett Smith
Mark, Your site is the greatest for marketing! Had buyers queued up. Full asking price sale went through today to a Vietnam vet from Virginia. Please mark as SOLD.
Many thanks, Jay Burzak - Salem, NH
Hello Mark, I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results we achieved from listing our Willys Jeep & M416 trailer with you. Thank you for all the help. It was sad to see her go but am sure it will be in good hands. The rig went 750 miles to Mississippi to haul Veteran's in parades and events.
Thank you so much, Tim & Lori Powell
Hi Mark, My ad worked great, sold the Jeep to a great guy out on the Eastcoast.
Thank you, Greg Ross
Mark, you listed a motor for me on your site on 3/31/2017. The motor was sold, thanks for your web site, it's great!!
Herb W.
Mark thank you so much for running this website the jeep sold within four days after us posting and we had a rush of people wanting it. The guy who purchased sent a truck from Louisiana believe it or not to Pennsylvania and picked it up yesterday.
Thanks, Connie Galli
Hi Mark, Please mark the trailer as sold. It sold in one week for 800.00.
Thanks John Malone
44 GPW, Please mark Jeep as sold. That didn't take long.
Thank you, Carlton Kinnon
Hello Mark, Success again. We sold the MB Body Kit that was advertised on your WarJeeps web site. Thank you for helping us sell it. It was bought by a fellow from Connecticut. Your web site 'gets around'.
Thanks, Brad Gates
The buyer in Jacksonville Florida saw the jeep for sale on your website. The jeep was advertised on seven different sites and the buyer saw it on yours. It will be leaving Phoenix by transportation soon for Florida.
Thanks, Roger G.

Mark, Thank you for posting this ad for me. Fortunately someone saw it and wanted to buy everything. He came this past Saturday so obviously there will be no one day sale on the 18th. Thanks so much. This was what I was hoping for, one buyer for everything who wants to restore them as they were. In fact, I had more email inquiries from your ad than I had from the ad in the MVPA restoration magazine, craigslist or the G503 forum. I had about a dozen people asking about what I had. You were a huge help, and I am grateful for your services.
Thanks again, Jeff
Wanted to say thanks for having such a wonderful website to advertise on and to let you know that our 1961 M151 has been sold.
Thanks, John Casperson
Hi Mark I am pleased to report that I have sold my M-38 Jeep on your website Please mark it sold I intend to make a donation to you.
Thank you, Ed Wozniak
Hey Mark, Good news! My jeep SOLD this week. Your website created a ton of interest in my Jeep.
Thank You, Brian
Greetings Mark, Brad and I want to thank you for the sale of our M38-A1 jeep which we advertised on your web site We had 3 very serious calls, but only one military jeep. Your web site works great. Thank you very much.
Best Regards, Mindy and Brad - Vintage Jeep Specialties LLC
Howdy Mark, The M715 has been sold! Thanks for posting it up, I had many calls on it from that posting.
All the best! Patrick
Mark, I have just sold the 1965 MUTT as a direct result of your ad. Thanks so much for getting my MUTT sold. You guys are awesome!! Please change the status to sold and thanks for your support!
Bob Young
Selling was a direct result of the ad at We only had one person call us about it, and ended up completing the sale to him. Thanks for the help!!
Jamie Blaha
I had quite a few calls on my jeep. Sold it in a short time on your site. Want to thank you for your site and letting me post my jeep.
Don J.
Mark, I have sold my 1943 GPW Jeep this morning, thanks to your WarJeeps ad, I had many inquiries, please mark sold. I will be sending a contribution.
Thank you for your services, John R. Johnson
Good news, I sold my willys MB from your website. Please mark it sold. I appreciate you having this option to list our jeeps!
Jeff Scharping
My jeep has sold thank you so much for your help! It found a wonderful home and it's because of your site.
Thank you!! Renee Ternes
I wanted to inform you that the Jeep I listed with you has sold. A very fine couple from South Carolina made a hassle free purchase and I am certain that they, in turn, received a very authentic and rare War Jeep. I will use your site more often. Thank you Mark.
Sincerely, Santosh Naik
Hello Mark. I would like to inform you that my 1943 Willys Jeep has been sold. It was purchased by a fellow from England. He was the first interested party. Of course since then I have received some other inquires but had to tell them it is sold. Thanks for all your help.
Thanks again, Bill Graves
Hi Mark - Thanks a million for your great website. It garnered much more interest and subsequent sale then Ebay or Craigslist.
Much appreciation, Brian Favero
Our jeep sold last week for full price thanks to your site. We appreciate your service and will make a donation.
Thanks so much. Carol Cupp
Thanks Mark! We had 4 parties going back & forth. At the end 2 parties were in a bidding war, we did end up with full price on the jeep.
Regards, Steve
Hi Mark !! The Jeep sold over the weekend to the first person that responded !! You can mark as SOLD.
THANKS AGAIN !! James Pickett
WARJEEPS.COM is a fantastic place to advertise your jeep and jeep-related items. Last year, we had 12 inquiries into a 1954 Army Jeep we posted to the site and sold it to a buyer from China who was in California. She wanted the Jeep shipped it to her son overseas. We were concerned with the international shipping and payments; however, all went well. We were so pleased. Recently, we put up an Army Jeep trailer for sale. We had two inquiries and sold to the first person who asked for more information. The buyer was delightful. Our experience with WARJEEPS.COM and Mark have been 100% fabulous. I would gladly recommend the site and service to anyone who has a suitable item for sale.
All the best, Christy Bolton, North Carolina
Hi Mark, with your help sale was smooth Andy from NY buyer(good guy) his guys Egor/Mike that picked up jeep were really great.
Keep up good work, Best always
Tom H.
Mark Thanks to your site we sold our 1951 M38 Willys Jeep. Shortly after I was notified that the advertisement was posted I received 3 email inquiry's with telephone proposals. The Jeep was sold yesterday from someone local which made the transfer and dealings easy.
Joel Viereck

The M715 sale was from a contact that saw it on He was in Alabama and a friend met him in Atlanta with the truck. He's very happy with it... got it running within 2 days. : ) We took a little less, but it won't go to waste. We received over half a dozen inquiries on it from your site which is more than Craigslist did.
Thank you much... will keep your site in mind for the future. - Sue and Bruce Jackson
I just wanted to report to you that the GPW we have listed just got sold. Selling price was $25,000 and the Jeep is going to Texas from our shop here in Santa Rosa, Ca. The buyer said they found our web-site through your site and once again" Thank you" for having your site be so effective for us.
Thanks again, Terry and Carolyn O'Connor

Good news, the 1953 M38A1 has sold !!!!! The first guy to contact me after you put the ad on the site is the buyer. You can put the "SOLD" sign on my ad as there have also been 2 other serious potentials calling about the vehicle. The site you have is really great and I can't thank you enough for all of your help with getting my info and photos placed on it. You can bet I will be telling everyone I know about you and the site you have created.
Thanks again Mark, Mike Borges
Hi Mark: The 1941 Willy's MB "Slat Grill" has been sold. Thanks for posting it on your site. We had some great results from your site. Look forward to working with you again
Thanks Terry and Carolyn O'Connor
Hi Mark, Just wanted to let you know I have sold the capstan winch. I appreciate all you've done to make this happen.
Thanks again. Chris Jaen
We sold our 1944 Willy's MB Jeep w/Trailer through and got our full asking price! I had interested people calling me several times a week from all over the country and Canada. Had nearly a dozen offers before accepting the one we were looking for. We ended up selling it to a man who lives 90 minutes away who lost his restored Willy's in a fire the week before. Mark does a great job with the website! I highly recommend listing your Jeep here if you want it seen by anyone looking to buy!
Donna Thornburg
Mark I wanted to alert you that my 1954 M38A1 is now sold. Thank you for the ad space provided through your site. Your site is by far the best I have seen, it sold quickly, received full asking price, and their was a great deal of interest on my jeep.
Thank you, Scott Waldenfels
Mark, 79 J10 in camo with the roll bar and the amc360 with 401 crank. The truck has thankfully sold! Thanks so much for maintaining such a fantastic website this is truly a world class resource.
Regards, Joshua Franke
My Jeep is sold. Interestingly, I hadn't had one call or email since placing the ad (however it was a holiday timeframe), and then Saturday I got two inquiries back-to-back and a gal bought it from GA for her husband as a gift – nice story and he’s a lucky guy. Shipping is being arranged now but I've been paid so consider it sold
Thank you very much!  Bob Sargent
Thanks so much for your web site. Had great success selling my jeep. will use you again in the future.
Robert Mehrten
Mark, I sold my Jeep due to refreshing my add to the top last week. Your website works. It went to a good home!
Thank you! Rob
Your website is great. I've already sold my jeep. Please go ahead and pull the ad down and thanks for everything.
Regards, David Knox
Your website is great, I've already sold my jeep. I got a ton of hits from all over the country. I also posted it on Craiglist here locally and got less than 10 inquiries. But I got numerous hits daily from people on your site. Thanks for everything.
David Knox
The '46 Jeep has been sold. You can remove the ad at your convenience. I am still getting inquiries. Your ads do work. Thank you, Richard Kaufman
Hi Mark - I sold the Jeep last week for full asking price! Thanks for helping me do so.
Barney Sievers - 1942 Military Jeep
Mark my 1954 M38A1 army jeep sold today posted 7-29-12 thank you very much for helping me.
Ron Smith
Mark, I sold my jeep in four days thanks to your site! Please indicate it as sold. I will recommend your site to all and I will be keeping an eye for other jeeps. Thanks so much.
Troy Swinney
It is a pleasure doing business with you folks. Placing the add is straight forward and I admire your dedication to a particular interest group.
Sincerely, George Humphries
Thank you, Mark - You guys have been great to work with. You've certainly left a good impression on me.
Mark, we want to thank you for facilitating the sale of our Willys Jeeps and trailer. Both Jeeps were sold to very enthusiastic buyers from Washington State. They drove down and trailered their vehicles home. We highly recommend the use of your website to hone in on buyers that are as enthusiastic about jeeps as we are.
Thanks so much. - John and Kathy Wiebe
The sale was a direct result of your ad. I got about 12 inquiries. A very good experience. I will rave about you guys. I sold the Kaizer to a guy in Australia. Thanks.
Eric L.
Mark, I want to let you know that I sold the Willys. Thank you for your help and good advice. The person who bought it was fairly close by. I’ll also be making a donation. Again, thank you for the great site and service.
Best, Jeff
Thank you very much! I have already got some good leads on some parts and info I have much needed. You have the best Willys site thats out there!
Dave B.
Mark-yet another sale realized because of your website! I am having trouble keeping up with the many responses
Thanks again! Kurt
Great Web Site I get a better response here than ebay .. Keep up the good work
Joe Farrelly, So. California
My M715 jeep sold and has been delivered to Conneticut. I had 3 serious inquiries right away and a few more after I made the deal with the buyer.  Your site was great and I will look into the donation section in the near future.
Thank you very much. - Pat Peterson
Your web site ROCKS!! The jeep sold, thanks to you. I have recommended your sites to others that have called about the jeep.
Thank you so much! - Wanda Pruitt
You can officially mark mine SOLD, the guy sent a car carrier today to pick it up and it's on it's way to Knoxville TN.. Thanks again for everything and I will certainly tell all of my 4X4 friends about your site and hopefully when the economy turns around I can own another Jeep in my future!
Best Regards - Buddy Bundy
I sold the Willys thanks for listing it for me.
Thanks again and best wishes, Larry K.
I really like the fact that your site is Jeep only you get to your target market. Will recommend your site to others looking for Jeep stuff.
Thanks again, Garrett H.
We sold the Jeep more response than from Craigslist. We didn't get any weird scam types through your site like on Craigslist, which was nice. The new owner has a landscaping company in Baton Rouge, La. He is going to use it to service water pumps for irrigation systems and use in parades. He and his partner picked it up this past weekend. They just kept giggling with excitement when they saw it and couldn't wait to get home and start working on it. All their friends are envious. We are glad it will have a new life and will be appreciated. Thanks for your help. We will be sending a donation to your cause.
Dick Hudson and Shirley
Please mark the 1967 Jeep as sold. I can't thank you enough for providing an outlet to sell these things.
Mark...Thank you for your post it really helped put my Jeep out there.
update your site... so I don't get anymore phone calls, and emails.
Thanks again... you guys rock! I will buy another JEEP!
Ray Rueda
Wanted to let you know that I sold my Jeep, thanks for letting me know about this great site, I will pass the word about how well it worked for me.
Thank You,   Dan Grimes

I Sold the 1962 Willys Jeep advertised with your website. I got immediate feedback and many inquiries. It's a much better way to sell a vehicle than craigslist because it markets directly to serious Jeep enthusiasts around the country.
Vilma Gregoropoulos
Your site ROCKS!!!! Really enjoy it.
Joe - M725
The ad received a tremendous response from all corners of the U.S. My buyer was from out of state, but bought after he saw it advertised on your site.
Thanks so much!   Darryl

I first would like to thank you for listing this item on your website. Your website has helped us sell the M715 at a reasonable price. We had numerous contacts about this item and we look forward to trying to sell some of the other army items we have in my late fathers estate. I will be contacting you again for sale of those items at a later date. At this time, could you please remove this item from your web site. Even today, as I wrap up the sale, I am getting calls on this item. Again, thank you and I look forward to dealing with you again soon. - Mark Clark

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