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44 GPW 44 GPW Not original but correct engine, rebuilt with hardened valve seats to run unleaded gas. Lots of new parts, wiring harness, gas tank, starter, clutch, brakes, etc. Frame powder coated, correct paint. Runs and stops great. Gets lots of looks and thumbs up when driving. ........ more  Sold in 1 Week!
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44 GPW
Willys MB Body Kit Willys MB Body Kit These parts are take offs and leftovers from a recent restoration. Original parts include; Tub, Fenders, Hood, Grill, Bumperettes. New reproduction parts include; Windshield assembly, Top Bow, Exhaust, Brackets, many small parts. The tub is a late 1945 production. ........ more  
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Willys MB Body Kit
1952 Willys M38 - MB clone 1952 Willys M38 - MB clone I am selling my Willys M38 Jeep that was finished as a MB clone. This 1952 military jeep was built for the Korean war and is a true military jeep, but this one has the MB grille/bucket lights and older style windshield added. Many new parts. ........ more  
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1952 Willys M38 - MB clone
1962 Ford M151 Mutt Jeep 1962 Ford M151 Mutt Jeep Ultra rare uncut early model Restored. Included Standard Equipment. Exterior No Known Body Work No Visible Dents No Visible Rust this ultra-rare 1962 Ford M151 Mutt Military Jeep. A rare restored example of an UNCUT M151! Most of these models were literally cut in half and destroyed, dumped into the sea. Very rare to see an uncut survivor. ........ more  
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1962 Ford M151 Mutt Jeep
Extremely RARE 1967 1968 Kaiser Jeep Panelwagon Extremely RARE 1967 1968 Kaiser Jeep Panelwagon Panel delivery wagon What makes this so rare? The fact that it is the only model that has the super rare and highly desirable BARN DOORS in the back, not the typical tailgate. For the Military fan, this has a military history as a audio visual vehicle on Fort Knox. Hence the paint color. I believe it went straight from the factory floor and into military service. It was refurbished about 20 years ago. ........ more    Extremely RARE 1967 1968 Kaiser Jeep Panelwagon

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M151A2 M.U.T.T. M151A2 M.U.T.T. Good condition mechanically, some body work needed, strong motor and trans. Title included. ........ more   posted 04/26/17

M151A2 #2 M151A2 #2 Good condition mechanically, some body work needed, strong motor and trans. Title included. ........ more   posted 04/26/17

UM-067 M1 rifle rack

I have a um-067 m1 rifle rack for sale if anyone is interested.

  Price: $150.00 plus shipping   Location: Douglas, AZ   Contact: Clyde Smith   email:   posted 04/26/17

1968 Jeep Kaiser M715 1968 Jeep Kaiser M715 Perfect parade vehicle. Runs well. Excellent condition. Minimal rust. 25,909 original miles. New tires, less than 100 miles on them. Rebuilt carburetor. Rebuilt water pump. Drab olive paint. Comes with a ........ more   posted 04/21/17

1968 M715 5/4 Excellent Condition! 1968 Jeep Kaiser Pickup 4X4 M715 5/4 Excellent Condition! Never Messed With! Came From Ft. Bragg Not A Rust Bucket! 16,250 Original Miles Original Tornado Straight 6 Motor Starts First Time/Every Time 24 Volt System, 2 New Batteries 4 New Firestone ........ more   posted 04/19/17

1967 Kaiser Jeep M715 1967 Kaiser Jeep M715 Was purchased from a WV fire department. It has a 350 Chevy engine but everything else looks original. There is a water tank and hose unit in rear. Snow plow on front. Front and rear canvas tops. Runs but ........ more   posted 04/17/17

1972 Ford Mutt M-151A2 40K original miles 1972 Ford Mutt M-151A2 40K original miles 95% original. 40k original Miles. No rust. This Mutt spent it's life in Arizona. This Mutt is UNCUT !!!! Absolutely runs perfect. Brand new tires, all fluids changed. You won't find another Mutt in this original state. ........ more   posted 04/12/17   

1985 Volkswagen Iltis Army Jeep 1985 Volkswagen Iltis Army Jeep I am selling a 1985 Bombardier Iltis. Ideal off road vehicle. Built as an off-road unit but it can easily be registered. I have an Owners Manual for it and some other papers. It runs and drives and the ........ more   posted 04/08/17

1954 M170 Jeep Willys 1954 M170 Jeep Willys 1954 M170 Army Ambulance Jeep -Strong Original 4 Cylinder -Very little rust -Runs good -Low Miles -Professionally made removable hard top -Fun project with little effort ........ more   posted 04/07/17

PTO Assembly PTO Assembly Complete PTO Assembly from 1948 CJ-2A. Will fit other models such as MB, GPW, CJ-3A. From transfer case drive unit to rear belt drive pulley. Some seals and drive shaft u-joints replaced with new parts. ........ more   posted 04/06/17

1945 Fully and Professionally Restored Willys 1945 Fully and Professionally Restored Willys Engine, transmission, clutch, differential, starter 12V, dynamo 12V, regulator 12V (it was communication vehicle and came originally with 12 V installation), brakes, fuel pump, water pump, all rebuilt and ........ more   posted 04/05/17

GPW Engine GPW Engine Running engine when removed from jeep one year ago. Stored indoors. Low power in 2nd and 3rd cylinders. Removed head; some sign of wear on 2nd and 3rd cylinder walls. GPW 257257. Bare engine only as ........ more   posted 04/05/17

1952 M38 Jeep 1952 M38 Jeep High quality M38. Very good, parade quality condition. Less than 20k miles. Original paint scheme, engine, etc. Runs great. Canvas top perfect for summer. ........ more   posted 04/04/17

Running motor from an M715 Running motor from an M715 I have a complete 230 that was just removed from an M715. Motor is complete with all accessories. ........ more   posted 03/31/17

M151 MUTT jeep engine M151 MUTT jeep engine The M151 mutt engine was running when pulled. Comes with transmission. Already on a pallet for easy pickup. ........ more   posted 03/26/17

1944 GPW 1944 GPW Original Tub and equipment. Runs and Looks Great. ........ more   posted 03/25/17   

45 Ford Jeep 45 Ford Jeep Original engine rebuilt only 5k miles since rebuilt. 3 speed trans. Runs does need some work. Recently replaced a wheel cylinder, and a fuel pump. 12 v system - Have a set of new brakes and other parts. ........ more   posted 03/18/17

1976 Jeep J-20 4x4 Ambulance 1976 Jeep J-20 4x4 Ambulance This jeep came from the county, it was used as a tactical support unit during its lifetime. It has a 360 4 speed. 111,000 miles, tires are like new but they are studded 16.5 mud and snows. ........ more   posted 03/15/17

M151-A1 Mutt M151-A1 Mutt Military Jeep common name Ford Kaiser M151-A1 (Mutt). Good condition, Brand new Tires, New bodywork. Running engine. I am also open to trade the Mutt with Toyota 4runner 2009 or 2010 with reasonable ........ more   posted 03/13/17

Jeep Parts leftover from a restore.
(4) 33\" Wagon Wheel Rims and Tires
(2) 1948 M38 Rolling Frames
GM Iron Duke 4 Cylinder Engine
Gas Tank
Tailgate and much more

  Price: $1,000   Location: Colchester, CT   Contact: Dan   phone: 860.531.2769   posted 03/11/17

1965 Jeep m38A1 1965 Jeep m38A1 I have for sale a 1965 jeep it is the military version and in very poor shape. It has NO motor, trans transfer case, radiator, fuel tank or drive shafts. I do not have a title for the jeep. The frame ........ more   posted 03/07/17   

1944 Willys MB Canada
1944 Willys MB This is a WW2 jeep. I restored it to almost original condition. The frame has the gun mount on it. The brakes are drum brakes that work good. The body was ruff when I got it. It was sand blasted and new ........ more   posted 03/07/17

1951 M38 1951 M38 Very Good Condition. All systems operate. The restoration is now several years old, however; the jeeps has only been used for parades and shows. Of course it becomes more valuable with each year. It comes ........ more   posted 02/16/17   

M 38 G740 rebuilt engine M 38 G740 rebuilt engine I have for sale a complete rebuilt M38 MC engine. Rebuild sheet comes with it. The serial number is an MC number ........ more   posted 02/15/17

1967 M 151 Kaiser Jeep For Sale 1967 M 151 Kaiser Jeep Jeep was not cut up. Original one piece. This is a survivor Jeep. It was in Germany and has placard reading \\\"Bondestreffen 24 / 25 Oktoberfest 1981. 1941 Afrika 1943. Deutschland Afrika Korps. ........ more   posted 02/08/17

Wanted: M677 Crew Cab I'm trying to find this vehicle for my husband & surprise him with it. He's been looking & wanting one of these, long before he went off to fight in the Afghanistan War. Now a Disabled Vet; this would be therapeutic in his recovery.

Wanting to find one he can have fixed up, little by little & when he has the spare money from his VA pay. I just want to give back to him, as he has sacrificed so much for us & always does without, for his family. Please let me know if you have one available, or if you know of one available.

Semper Fi, Christina & James   Location: Blue Ridge, GA   Contact: Christina   phone: 7062582371   posted 02/06/17

1942 GPW Communications Jeep 1942 GPW Communications Jeep I am selling this 1942 Ford GPW for my grandfather. As far as I know everything is original aside from the 6V Conversion to 12V. He also has some accessories that come with the Jeep. IE Radio ........ more   posted 02/03/17

1967 M715 1967 M715 Orange paint, new gauges, disc brakes all 4 corners, upgraded power steering box, 38 inch tires, winch, newer dana 60 with lock outs, 456 gears. bed liner. ........ more   posted 02/01/17   

1942 Ford GPW Original 1942 Ford GPW Original "Ford Script" 1942 Ford GPW Jeep. Original "Ford script" body. Reconditioned/rebuilt on April 26, 1945 in Oakland, California. Older restoration. Prior owner was entering it in parades. Original seats. 50 caliber ........ more   posted 01/30/17   

M151A1/A2 canvas brush guard M151A1/A2 canvas brush guard PN 10885561 This is a NOS canvas brush guard for the M151A1/A2. ........ more   posted 01/26/17

(3) 1952 M38A1 Jeeps rolling bodies (3) 1952 M38A1 Jeeps rolling bodies and many parts Saturday, February 18th, 8am - 2pm - You pick it, you pull it. (3) 1952 M38A1 Jeep rolling bodies. Partial list of parts includes windshields, hoods, axels, wheels, transmissions, engines, bodies. Pictures do not include all parts. Too many to list. Restore a piece if history! ........ more   posted 01/23/17   

1968 Kaiser Jeep M 715 5/4 Jeep 1968 Kaiser Jeep M 715 5/4 Jeep Selling my Kaiser Jeep M715. All stock original equipment. This is a former fire department rig for fighting brush fires in rural areas. It was bought by the fire department directly from GSA in 1970 and ........ more   posted 01/21/17   

1942 Ford GPW Jeep 1942 Ford GPW Jeep 1942 Ford GPW Jeep ........ more   posted 01/11/17

1952 Willys M38 1952 Willys M38 1/4 ton 4x4. Restored and in good condition. Was running and registered for the road in 2014 but has not been started since. Best offer by 3/31/17. ........ more   posted 01/09/17

1965 m151 1965 m151 This is a cut 1965 m151. It runs and drives good. It is all original except for fuel pump, it's electric, and wheels and tires. I have original wheels and tires that will be put back on it. It will not ........ more   posted 01/06/17

1967 M725 1967 M725 Just seeing if there is any interest ........ more   posted 01/04/17

1967 M715 1967 M715 30,275 original miles, soft top, No engine, Used for advertising VIN; 10790 All original components ........ more   posted 01/04/17

1968 M715 1968 M715 16,609 original miles Hard Top Solid Body All original components ........ more   posted 01/03/17   

1942 Ford Script GPW Jeep 1942 Ford Script GPW Jeep GPW 10584 Matching Frame and Engine. This is a Special Jeep for a Special Collection. This is the rare model of Ford jeeps which were built on Willys Frames before Ford could Produce its on frames. ........ more   posted 12/18/16   

1948 Jeep Willys Buy a retired Special Forces Servicemember's Baby Patton! 1948 Jeep Willys 4.0 inline Six cylinder, flat head four cylinder go devil, New Tires, New Brakes, New Starter Engine has 7 miles, Yes 7's new too. Seats are being newly canvased with a ........ more   posted 12/15/16

1973 Jeep Carb 1973 Jeep Carb Bendix Zenith 128484 Oeo 10939511 May 4th 1973 ........ more   posted 12/12/16

Wanted: I'm looking for '51, '52 M38 frame in good condition. Hopefully on west coast   Location: Bakersfield, CA   Contact: Roy Stephenson   email:   posted 12/10/16
1941 Slat Grill 1941 Slat Grill Delivery date 12/15/1941. Complete body off restoration. Completely rebuilt motor with less than 20 hours. Still 6 volt with complete new wiring. New starter and generator. Beautiful Jeep! ........ more   posted 12/05/16   

1961 M151 1961 M151 This Mutt is uncut with Iowa title. Not in running condition. Body and floor need rust repair. Wheels are not correct and is missing front seats, I do have a good rear seat that can go with it. ........ more   posted 12/05/16   

Rare WWII 1944 Willys MB Jeep Rare WWII 1944 Willys MB Jeep An authentic, 1944 U.S. Army 4cyl, Willys MB Jeep, VIN# MB 383450 with just over 26,000 original miles. It is completely operational with many accessories, including the top, spare, tools and implements. ........ more   posted 12/04/16

1968 Jeep Kaiser M715 1968 Jeep Kaiser M715 In good condition. Hasn't ran in a year. Just don't have time to fix it up. Barley any rust, minor surface rust is all. Looks like a Ford 390 in it. T98 transmission, NP 200 Transfer case, 5.87 gears. ........ more   posted 12/01/16

1955 Willys M38A1 1955 Willys M38A1 military jeep. Original condition. Looks & runs good. 24 volts, 66100 miles, many new parts. ........ more   posted 12/01/16   

Willys Engine For Sale Willys Engine For Sale I have this Willy's engine for sale. I do not have an engine hoist and capability to pick it and crate it hence you have to arrange the pickup etc. ........ more   posted 11/29/16

1951 M38 Full Military Jeep 1951 M38 Full Military Jeep 95 percent or more restored. Matching numbers clean title. No rust. Garage kept. Obtained from military museum. Runs great all new brakes. New seat covers. Will send pictures if required. Only problem is ........ more   posted 11/29/16   

USMC Jeep USMC Jeep 1961 USMC Mighty Mite Jeep. Made by AMC, air cooled four wheel drive in running condition. ........ more   posted 11/24/16

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1967 M151 1967 M151 Selling my 1967 M151 Military Vietnam War Jeep fully restored. All original, restored with NOS parts. New paint, new front and rear seats. New everything, too much to list, must come and see. ........ more   posted 11/16/16

1964 Kaiser M38A1 Marine Jeep 1964 Kaiser M38A1 Marine Jeep I have for sale a 1964 Kaiser Willys M38a1 Jeep. This jeep came from army surplus to Laflore County Mississippi and has never been titled. This jeep is in extremely good condition with very minimal rust. ........ more   posted 11/16/16

Military Jeep Trailer Military Jeep Trailer 1950's Original Military Jeep Trailer. Original except has ball hitch. It is clean with no rust. 7.50 x 16" wheels and tires. ........ more   posted 11/12/16   

1967 M715 Jeep 1967 M715 Jeep For Sale M715, military Jeep, 1 1/4 ton (5/4). App. 34500 miles. Has sb 350 Chevy engine, T98 transmission (4 speed granny), NP 200 Transfer case (twin stick hi/lo, 2 or 4 wheel drive), 5.87 gears ........ more   posted 11/06/16   

WWII Jeep Willys MB Ford GPW NOS Spare Parts WWII Jeep Willys MB Ford GPW NOS Spare Parts NOS WWII jeep spare parts sold as a set ........ more   posted 10/28/16

1945 Willys MB military jeep 1945 Willys MB military jeep "The mystery of the old 45 Willys MB" Here is a barn find gone wrong. I purchased this Jeep out of South Georgia four years ago. At that time, it was in great running order for a nearly 70 year old jeep. ........ more   posted 10/24/16   

1942 GPW 1942 GPW This is a complete Jeep with just about everything spare parts except the tub. The engine in it is a willys of the time era but I do have the original ford engine that needs rebuilt, along with complete ........ more   posted 10/20/16

Rust Free Titled M151A2 Rust Free Titled M151A2 Titled, uncut and no rust out. A little surface rust here and there on the bottom. The body had a few dents and dings in it that were hammered or pressed out as needed. Fresh paint etc. ........ more   posted 10/14/16   

Looking to Trade 1967 Jeep M-715 Looking to Trade 1967 Jeep M-715 I have a Very Nice 1967 JEEP M-715 I am looking to trade. An amateur cab on restoration was completed 2 years ago. 22K miles and runs great. Recently had carb rebuilt to factory condition and all ........ more   posted 10/13/16   

1972 M151A2 Jeep 1972 M151A2 Jeep Fantastic 1972 M151A2 Jeep. Used on episodes of the TV Show Military Collectors on the American Heroes Channel. You'll be hard-pressed to find a nicer jeep. Clear South Carolina title and comes setup as ........ more   posted 10/13/16

Original BRISTOL wrench Original BRISTOL wrench For sale an original Bristol wrench (US Army Surplus). The Bristol wrench was used on T84 transmission set screw and was part of MB GPW GPA tool kit It is stamped 41-W-2459. ........ more   posted 10/09/16

Willys Overland France engine Willys Overland France engine This L134 french engine looks fresh and never run, looking inside the sparkplug holes, oil fill and oil filter housing everything is nice and clean. Turns over smooth. ........ more   posted 10/03/16   

1944 Ford GPW 1944 Ford GPW  Barn Find I have a 1944 Ford GPW that is a barn find from Arizona with no rust and all together. It has not been run in 9-10 years as I understand from the family that has had it for 40 years. ........ more   posted 10/03/16   

1942 Jeep Willys Fully and Professionally Restored International
Croatia (Hrvatska)
1942 Jeep Willys Fully and Professionally Restored Engine, transmission, clutch, differential, starter 12V, dynamo 12V, regulator 12V (it was communication vehicle and came originally with 12 V installation), brakes, fuel pump, water pump, all rebuilt and ........ more   posted 10/03/16

1969 Jeep M725 1969 Jeep M725 Vietnam era 1969 M725 Jeep. Running original Tornado 230 engine. Doesn't smoke or knock, needs tune up though. 1-1/4 ton, or sometimes called, 5/4 ton suspension. 4X4 and 4 speed transmission. ........ more   posted 10/03/16   

1953 MILITARY WILLYS M38A1 1953 MILITARY WILLYS M38A1 Mostly original, low miles. Runs and drives great. Lights including BO and gauges all work. No Bondo. Previous dry climate Currently registered with clean title. ........ more   posted 09/30/16   

Wanted: M715 front fenders no rust and solid for a reasonable price!   Location: Montebello, VA   Contact: Jeff Begeman   phone: 540 377 2576   email:   posted 9/27/16
1955 Willys M38A1 1955 Willys M38A1 Street legal and licensed as an antique car. Fantastic condition. Must See!!! Original Hurricane F-Head 134 CID 4 cyl, T-90 3 speed transmission, Dana 18 transfer case, Dana 27 front axle, ........ more   posted 09/27/16   

Restored 1952 Willys M38 Military Jeep Restored 1952 Willys M38 Military Jeep 1952 Willys M38 Military Jeep with current title. Restored from Rust Free Original. The last few pictures in the pictures section shows the floors and hat channels prior to restoration ........ more   posted 09/25/16   

42 Military Jeep Project 42 Military Jeep Project Basket case. No motor, tranny, or wiring. ........ more   posted 09/22/16   

1955 Willys Military Jeep CJ3 1955 Willys Military Jeep CJ3 Runs great. Restored to original condition, military green paint, decorated military branches & 5 pointed star on hood. Seats are canvas with no rips, tears, or wear. Windshield folds down, wipers mounted ........ more   posted 09/17/16

GPW parts project GPW parts project GPW Rolling chassis with T-84 and transfer case Steering column Body salvageable Tailgate cut in Rolls easy ........ more   posted 09/16/16

1967 M715 Jeep Pickup 1967 M715 Jeep Pickup HEAVY DUTY US Military Jeep 5-Quarter Ton Pickup Truck. Excellent Condition Inside & Out! Nice Interior, Troop Benches, Spare, Pioneer Tools, New Soft Top, New Paint, Seat Belts, Turn Signals ........ more   posted 09/16/16   

1948 CJ 2-A 1948 CJ 2-A I'm the second owner and have owned it for 35 years. In very good mechanical shape. Could use a new paint job but in very good condition. Seats are still in good condition. Under 60,000 miles. Has been sitting inside for many years but I am getting it back together now. ........ more   posted 9/10/16

MB Willys engine MB Willys engine I have a MB Willys engine that was removed from a Hobart welder. I do not believe this was the engine that was in this welder originally due to the fact that it was mated to a partial Jeep bell housing to make the fit. The engine runs and still carried a load before being removed Serial number behind oil filter is MB546645, casting number 638632. ........ more   posted 9/9/16

1967 Kaiser M-725 Ambulance 1967 Kaiser M-725 Ambulance Body is in excellent condition, 6 cyl. engine, comes with 8 ft snow plow. Only 10k miles. ........ more   posted 9/6/16

Military 1946 CJ2A Willys Military 1946 CJ2A Willys This is a rebuilt 1946 CJ2A that is finished to look like a military MB. It is VERY clean with rebuilt transmission and transfer case, Many new items, which are listed below. This Jeep is ready for your parade today! It is a running and driving jeep with all the safety features ........ more   posted 8/30/16   

1947 Military Jeep 4x4 1947 Military Jeep 4x4 Rebuilt engine, trans & rear end. New seats, battery & 5 new tires. Cranks & rides like new in 1947. ........ more   posted 8/29/16   

M151 WTS Uncut M151 WTS Uncut, original paint and viturally rust free Didn't want to do this but I need to sell my all original 1962 Ford M151 that is in original paint and markings from the 142nd Armored Signal Bat. Has the lightening bolt on the hood as well. The engine and transmission have been completely rebuilt and are original to the vehicle from the factory. ........ more   posted 8/19/16   

M715 / M725 WHEELS 7 TIRES M715 / M725 WHEELS 7 TIRES STEEL WHEELS 6 LUG, 6 SPOKE GOODYEAR WRANGLER M/T 37-12.50 / 16.5 SET OF 4 ........ more   posted 8/17/16

1945 Willys CJ2A 1945 Willys CJ2A Good as new with no issues at all and all original, the best deal you can find. The pictures do all the talking. ........ more   posted 8/15/16

M715 Truck Bed M715 Truck Bed no gate some rust in the rear floor , otherwise real decent shape ........ more   posted 8/14/16

1955 M38A1 1955 M38A1 Jeep runs great and is in good condition. Listed is a few thing I have replaced. New top, new side curtains, new seat frames, new cushions front and rear, new 700 x 16 military tires, signal lights installed, new Jerry can ........ more   posted 8/14/16   

Wanted 1942 Jeep Wanted 1942 Jeep from Billerica, MA Looking for my grandfathers Jeep It was sold in 1991 when he passed away His name was Elwood Holt 15 Woodbury Rd Billerica, MA It was a 1942 Jeep with a snow plow attached to it All I have to go on is the Reg plate number back in 1991 ........ more   posted 8/12/16

1964 Jeep M-606 / CJ3-B 1964 Jeep M-606 / CJ3-B believe to be an old Navy Jeep 164 ohv 3 3 speed 4X4 Has extra engine Undercarriage has been cleaned and painted Body has had new floors put in comes with extra parts comes with metal top Jeep just needs painted and put back together ........ more   posted 8/10/16   

Jeep Kaiser M54A1 5-Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck Jeep Kaiser M54A1 5-Ton 6X6 Cargo Truck Diesel / Multi-fuel with Water Tank 5-Ton Flatbed Cargo Truck with 2,200 gal water tank. Multi Fuel (Diesel, Gas, Oil, Kero) Turned into a forestry Tanker and used by Maine Conservation department. The state of Maine had this inspected through 2014 and I was told it was taken out of service in 2014. ........ more   posted 8/3/16

1941 Ford GP Jeep 847D Holley carburetor & air horn assembly 1941 Ford GP Jeep 847D Holley carburetor & air horn assembly For sale 1 original 847D Holley carburetor & air horn assembly for 1941 Ford GP Jeep ........ more   posted 8/2/16   

1951 M38 Willys Jeep 1951 M38 Willys Jeep Original flat head motor, tranny and drive line. All original parts, 24 volt, Body off restoration by previous owner. Body and frame media blasted and painted original color green with the body dents and bruises untouched to preserve the history ........ more   posted 8/2/16   
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