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1943 Jeep Willy JPMB 1943 Jeep Willys JPMB - Runs and drives on original engine and transmission. - Mostly Original Parts - Comes with a ton of history and documentation on the vehicle. - Perfect starting point for a partial restoration with relatively minimal work. - Majority of issues are cosmetic (From my understanding) - It's an old classic car and needs an owner who loves the jeep heritage and wants to return this vehicle to its original glory. ........ more 1943 Jeep Willy JPMB
1943 Ford Jeep 1943 Ford Jeep In 1952 my Father and myself purchased this Jeep from Bernstein Bros a farm and ranch supplier in Pueblo, Colorado. Bernstein Bros purchased several islands in the Pacific after WWII and brought items back as salvage. ........ more  
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1943 Ford Jeep
1943 Willys MB Jeep 1943 Willys MB Jeep Date of delivery 10/29/43. Original body and tub. Original engine, transmission and running gear. 6 volt system. Matching data plate and frame numbers. Beachwood canvas. 4 new Goodyear S3 military tires with original Goodyear spare tire. ........ more  
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1943 Willys MB Jeep

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1943 Willys MB Jeep 1943 Willys MB Jeep Tub, motor, seats...etc are all original and in great condition. My grandfather was a machinist in the Coast Guard and the title looks like he may have purchased this in 1946 from the military. He was an ........ more   posted 02/21/21

1967 M151A1 Uncut - Titled 1967 M151A1 Uncut - Titled uncut and titled mutt. Done up as MP jeep. Excellent condition, ready to play. Very solid jeep, stored last 15 years in a warehouse. New master cylinder and wheel cylinder along with rubber ........ more   posted 02/20/21

May 1964 Kaiser M151. Uncut May 1964 Kaiser M151. Uncut The good.... Runs great New Batteries New master cylinder (need to be installed) New wheel cylinders (need to be installed) Good looking paint In tank fuel pump works great Nice seat ........ more   posted 02/20/21

M416 Trailer M416 Trailer All original. Media blasted and primed. Good tires. ........ more   posted 02/17/21

1963 M38a1 Willys 1963 M38a1 Willys with hard top 24000 miles original 4 cyl f head hurricane engine, 24 volts Jeep is very clean and original ........ more   posted 02/13/21

1966 Ford M151A2 Mutt 1966 Ford M151A2 Mutt in very good condition. Current California title. Uncut body, no rust or bondo. Restored with new tires, brakes, shocks, seats, top, paint and much more. Jeep comes with a lot of hard to find ........ more   posted 02/12/21

Wanted: Willys Army Jeep
I am looking for a Willys Army Jeep near Babylon Long Island   Location: Babylon Long Island, NY   Contact: Paul   email:   posted 02/07/21

1952 Willis 1/4 ton Military Jeep M38 - A1 Serial No. 21632 Motor MD - 23001 1952 Willis 1/4 ton Military Jeep M38 - A1 Serial No. 21632 Motor MD - 23001 Original 24 volt system, tow bar, windshield mounted gun rack, wench, 4 wheel drive locking front hubs, new carburetor. Over all condition good. Used for quail and deer hunting on private land. ........ more   posted 02/07/21

Wanted: Old WWII project jeep
Any one have an old WWII project jeep for sale for a Combat Wounded Vet to restore and drive in parades? Low income but lots of time. Thanks.   Contact: Gary   email:   posted 02/01/21

1943 Ford GPW 1943 Ford GPW all original parts ran and started when my Dad parked it. 43 Ford military Jeep all original parts with some spare parts. Father restored it years ago but it has been parked and covered. ........ more   posted 01/18/21   

1953 M38A1 1953 M38A1 I have a rust free M38 A1 for sale it has everything except a motor. It has been stored inside for over 20 years. It would be a great project has a lot of new parts new gas tank etc. ........ more   posted 01/13/21

1951 Willys M38 G740 1951 Willys M38 G740 Military Jeep. Great patina. Matching title in my name. Title number is taken from the engine. It starts and runs well. It has the original parts on it like: Engine, Transmission, Transfer case, ........ more   posted 01/08/21

1943 Willys Trailer 1943 Willys Trailer Good restoration project. See pics for specific description ........ more   posted 01/07/21

1941 MB Willy Slat Grille Jeep 1941 MB Willy Slat Grille Jeep Owner since the early 1980's selling Classic 1941 MB Willy Jeep Approx. 29,300 Miles ........ more   posted 01/03/21   

1967 Ford M151A1 Mutt 1967 Ford M151A1 Mutt Nice Jeep. Was owned by a gentleman who fixed it up exactly like the one he had in Vietnam. He owned it and kept very good care of it for 30 years.It runs well but suffers from the same carburetor issues ........ more   posted 12/31/20   
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Early 1962 Ford M151 Mutt Early 1962 Ford M151 Mutt with 20,500 miles, vehicle is uncut Newer Tires, Brand new Canvas just installed over the weekend. Cost was roughly $600 Aluminum Hard Top with Doors ........ more   posted 12/28/20   

Aircraft Generator and/or manuals Aircraft Generator and/or manuals Valentine Welding & Manufacturing Electric Power Plant Type NA-4 Parts or partial ok ........ more   posted 12/28/20

64 or 67 M151 64 or 67 M151 I bought it as a project vehicle but have not had a chance to work on it after my new job. It was running and driving about 5 months ago. Has the 2 front seats, 2 fuel cans, 2 waters, needs new wire ........ more   posted 12/27/20

Wanted: Information on the collectability of WWII Jeeps
Interested in a more complete understanding of the parameters associated with the collectability of WWII Jeeps. Please call me or send information. Thank you.   Contact: Leon Humble   email:   Phone: 602-615-1176   posted 12/16/20

1954 Willys Overland M170 Front Line Ambulance 1954 Willys Overland M170 Front Line Ambulance Totally restored from frame up in 1997-98. All original drivetrain and body. Has all ambulance accessories such as both original stretcher racks, reel light, seats, complete NOS top with original doors, ........ more   posted 12/12/20

1946 Willys Jeep CJ2A 1946 Willys Jeep CJ2A Condition is Used. Jeep has about 1,700 mile on it since it was refurbished. It has lived in California for most of its life. Runs strong and straight. No steering, pulling or braking issues. It drives well and I am willing to take you through a FaceTime drive if you like. ........ more   posted 12/12/20   

Kaiser Jeep M715 Kaiser Jeep M715 Runs, drives and stops as it should. All original. I also have two other m715's one for parts/restoration the other runs drives with Chevy 350. ........ more   posted 12/12/20

Original 1945 Willys Jeep MB / T-84 Original 1945 Willys Jeep MB / T-84 Time to sell my All original/unrestored, 1945 Willys Jeep. Only 2 owners! MB T-84, 4 cylinder. This is a fun jeep to own. It has been in many parades and special Military events. Runs great, nothing wrong ........ more   posted 12/08/20   

Wanted: 1940s 4-cylinder Jeep motor and transmission transfer case
I am looking for a 1940s 4-cylinder Jeep motor and transmission transfer case to rebuild   Location: College Station, TX   Contact: Jim   Phone: 979-218-2099   posted 12/07/20

1953 M38A1 with M100 Trailer - Collector's Dream - USMC 1953 M38A1 with M100 Trailer - Collector's Dream - USMC Time for me to retire - hate to give this Jeep up, but it's too nice to just live in my garage! This Jeep has won multiple awards (July 4th parades, Veteran Day parades, various shows, and Christmas ........ more   posted 11/19/20   

1967 M715 1967 M715 Nice!! with winch and factory hard top, all stock and original.. 230 Jeep 6 cylinder engine with 4 speed transmission, 4x4, stock 24 volt electrical. Not currently running but all there. No rust or rot ........ more   posted 11/15/20

1943 Ford GPW Jeep 1943 Ford GPW Jeep Bought this to restore but ran out of interest. Not running. All there. No title. ........ more   posted 11/15/20   
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1945 Ford GPW 1945 Ford GPW has correct Frame. Was used by the French Army after WW2 until the late 70s when it was sold to the public. It was then returned to the US and restored in the early 90s. It comes with the Canvas top, ........ more   posted 11/11/20   

NEKAF M38-A1 1/4 ton Military Jeep "NEKAF" M38-A1 1/4 ton Military Jeep 1960 M38-A1 NEKAF clear title (PA) starts, runs and drives. Has been stored in a Pennsylvania barn and has recently been weatherproofed outdoors. No partial or attempted restoration has been done on ........ more   posted 11/10/20

44 Willys Jeep For Parts all original 44 Willys Jeep For Parts all original has been stationary for 20 years. Must go. Good for parts. Front Tow attached. In Central California, Los Alamos - 1 mile off Hwy 101. Come get it!! ........ more   posted 11/04/20

1977 USMC M151A2 - Uncut - Rust Free - Titled 1977 USMC M151A2 - Uncut - Rust Free - Titled Looks like new engine was installed as it looks new. Brakes work great, have stuff for rear that is missing in photos. Have correct USMC front bumper. Overall extremely nice A2 with title. Currently has ........ more   posted 10/14/20

1952 Willys M-38A1 Jeep 1952 Willys M-38A1 Jeep Mileage 24,650 This is mechanically unrestored with the original engine and drivetrain. Original seat have been reupholstered with seatbelts added. Original top bow assembly, canvas top and side ........ more   posted 10/12/20

1976 M151 1976 M151 All original, complete drivetrain, ran when parked. Body is a little rough and floor pans have some rust through. Seats need redone. Additional photos available upon request. Great restoration project. ........ more   posted 10/08/20   

1941 BRC Bantam 1941 BRC Bantam This is a completely restored Bantam BRC which is show quality. Original correct in every part. May be nicest one in existence ........ more   posted 10/05/20

Reduced Price - 1952 Willys M38A1 Reduced Price - 1952 Willys M38A1 Bought out of Forestry Service storage. Restored with every component either replaced or rebuilt by Kaiser Willys. This Jeep has been my daily driver since 2017 - miles out of storage 11800. Now has 22k. ........ more   posted 09/15/20

Original U.S. WWII 1943 Ford GPW Jeep with all Matching Serial Numbers-Fully Restored Original U.S. WWII 1943 Ford GPW Jeep with all Matching Serial Numbers-Fully Restored It has "All Matching" serial numbers, (approximately only 1% of collectible WWII Jeeps have all matching serial numbers). The serial number 141204 is located on the frame. The engine and the data plate ........ more   posted 09/09/20   

1952 M38A1 1952 M38A1 This beautiful M38A1 was in a Museum for seven years. New owner has reworked all the brakes, Runs good, clear Ohio title. Data plates. No Rust. ........ more   posted 09/07/20   

1964 M38A1 1964 M38A1 Mostly all original, including the serial plate on right rear wheel well and almost all of the fasteners. New front floor. No rust. New brakes, including brake lines, hoses, brake shoes, wheel cylinders, ........ more   posted 09/02/20

1956 M38A1 Military Jeep 1956 M38A1 Military Jeep Motor Pool Restoration on a no-rust body. Engine runs strong and smooth. 24v system intact and charging as it should. New tires and brake system. New canvas and glass. Fresh paint. Ready for parade or ........ more   posted 08/26/20   

M151A2 Rust Free Uncut M151A2 Rust Free Uncut WTS Rust Free Uncut Needs front Wiring Harness Installed - Included Needs new tires Was formally TOW vehicle Breaks work great Comes will full top Complete let of seats Army not USMC ........ more   posted 08/26/20

M151A2 Mutt M151A2 Mutt Arizona title Never cut. No R. O.P. S Kit. Former US MC Tow Jeep. Low mileage (00434.6 on speedometer) Good driving/running Mutt Needs some bodywork-small holes, most on the right side where tow ........ more   posted 08/26/20   
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1950 Willys M38 G740 Jeep 1950 Willys M38 G740 Jeep The jeep has some rust through in the floor and hat channel on the passenger side. It does have some floor repairs already done. It Has the following: 24 volts electrical components. All three ........ more   posted 08/17/20

M-715 M-715 The previous owner had been driving it on their farm unplated for several years and swapped the engine with a Ford V8 Crate motor with an automatic transmission. The hard top is removable, and the ........ more   posted 08/06/20   
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M38 A1 1963 M38 A1 1963 No rust extremely original 37131 miles Runs and drives great, have redone the brakes, wheel cylinders, carburetor, fuel pump, upholstery, Has the 24 volt, nice Jeep ........ more   posted 07/27/20   

1954 Willys - USMC Willys Jeep - USMC Ambulance 1954 Willys - USMC Willys Jeep - USMC Ambulance This Jeep is 1954 Willys M-170. It was issued to the USMC as a field ambulance. The body is sound (no body putty). The vehicle has been converted to 12 volt. I have tie Red Cross canvas top and rear panel ........ more   posted 07/18/20

1968 M-715 1968 M-715 Professionally built Southern California desert truck. No body rust at all (ever). Completely original intact body 350 SBC crate motor w/ Eldebrock intake, carb and filter. Headman headers. Dual ........ more   posted 07/13/20   

1943 Ford GPW 1943 Ford GPW completely restored, have all pics involving restoration which was done 2 years ago. Has new Jaun MD body, I have all receipts, Engine has a foreign build tag on the block. It runs great, I am retiring ........ more   posted 07/10/20

Original GPW T 84 Transmission And Dana 18 Transfer Case Ready To Install Original GPW T 84 Transmission And Dana 18 Transfer Case Ready To Install Very Rare And Correct Original FORD GPW Jeep T84 transmission with Dana 18 transfer case which has been completely overhauled and ready to install in your project restoration of Ford GPW Jeep from ........ more   posted 07/02/20

1944 Willys Jeep 1944 Willys Jeep I have owned for 20 years. Date of Delivery is 4/20/44 and the frame tag matches the data plate. It is still a 6 Volt system which starts with no problem and drives and runs great. I did an off frame ........ more   posted 06/16/20   

1951 M-38 Arctic Cab 1951 M-38 Arctic Cab This M-38 has the Arctic cab enclosure as well as the cowl mounted Southwind heater. In 2014 this Jeep had a complete motor rebuild and a new wiring harness installed by Military Vehicle Repair and ........ more   posted 06/10/20   

1979 M-151A2 1979 M-151A2 Uncut vehicle. Great driving and running vehicle. Repainted in 2010. M-100 trailer included. Several miscellaneous parts included. ........ more   posted 06/10/20   

1961 AM General Mighty Mite 422A1 1961 AM General Mighty Mite 422A1 Running. Good body. 4 new Firestone tires. 2 sets of top bows but no top. Miscellaneous parts included. ........ more   posted 06/10/20   

1944 Ford GPW and M-416 trailer 1944 Ford GPW and M-416 trailer This GPW has a good body. Has been converted to 12 volt. Runs good. Top bows but no top. Comes with M-416 trailer as well as miscellaneous parts. ........ more   posted 06/10/20   
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M151A2 M151A2 Beautiful 1973 M151A2 AMG with new engine, PRC-77 radio, and lots of other spare parts. No rust, new tires. Starts right up and drives like a new jeep. No slop in steering, Machine gun will not be ........ more   posted 06/02/20   

1972 M151A2 Uncut 1972 M151A2 Uncut New - 5 Tires, canvas top, canvas front and rear seats, Steering Wheel, fuel pump, front & rear wiring harness (not installed), exhaust system, Vinyl side curtains and doors, Webbing side curtains and ........ more   posted 05/15/20   

1951 Jeep Willys M38 24v 1951 Jeep Willys M38 24v It is complete and needs a full tune up-batteries brakes some floor panels and wires to get going again. Engine runs. Text or email to me for more information. ........ more   posted 05/07/20

1953 M38A1 Jeep 1953 M38A1 Jeep This jeep needs front wheel cyl. and a little body work and painted. ........ more   posted 05/07/20   

Willys 1946 CJ2A Willys 1946 CJ2A Running and road ready Jeep with new fuel tank, sender and master cylinder. Has canvas covering and frame rails with doors. lock out front hubs for 2wd. good tires all around and has clear title. will ........ more   posted 04/29/20   

1943 FORD GPW Jeep 1943 FORD GPW Jeep (VIN: GPW 101331 manufactured 04/1943) Jeep is ready for off-roading and hunting. Very well maintained always and stored indoors. Absolutely a reliable driver and can take you through any terrain. As you can see from the photos it has a slight lift and larger wheels and tires. Proper GPW Ford original chassis, body & drive train. ........ more   posted 04/27/20   

M715 Parts For Sale
Troop seats - great condition - $250
Top bows for truck bed - great condition - $250
Warn lockout hubs - $250
Front bumper - exactly as the original bumper, but cut from heavy duty steel - $250
Front bumper extensions for winch -$150
Front bumper corner braces - qty of 2 - $50
Front and rear clevis - qty of 4 -$100
Front bucket seats that bolt right in from a CUCV Blazer - $250
Front grille guard -$250
Jeep Gladiator grille insert - $275
Hood - great condition - $250
Wheels (4) - custom made with the stock wheel core to fit HMMWV tires 37 x 12.50 x 16.5 - $500
  Price: See Description   Location: Waynesville, NC   Contact: Curt   Phone: 910-545-4333   posted 03/30/20

1953 M38-A1 Willys Military Jeep 1953 M38-A1 Willys Military Jeep Complete Frame-Off restoration completed in 2018. Motor, transmission, transfer case, front and rear end are original equipment. It has 24,000 original miles. This is a no rust Jeep. It is equipped with ........ more   posted 02/26/20   

1958 Jeep M38A1 1958 Jeep M38A1 Excellent Jeep restored cosmetically from an original rust free and solid example. Original drive train with the hurricane engine. runs and drives great and is very reliable. The wheels are not original ........ more   posted 02/24/20   

1955 M38 A1 Willys Jeep 1955 M38 A1 Willys Jeep Parade Ready, many new parts and paint runs great H/L +4wd 12 volt ........ more   posted 02/19/20

1954 Willys Jeep M38A1 1954 Willys Jeep M38A1
Video Ad  Lots of work done, good driver/parade truck. This is my client's Jeep and I've done 99.9% of the work to it since he acquired it. He is moving in a different direction in the hobby and is putting the Jeep ........ more   posted 02/02/20   

1951 Willys M38 CJ3A Jeep 1951 Willys M38 CJ3A Jeep 134 cubic inch, 4 cylinder flat head "Go-Devil" engine 3 Speed T90 transmission Dana 18 transfer case Dana 25 front and Dana 44 rear axles 5.38 differential gears front and rear Really great ........ more   posted 01/28/20   
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1942 Willys MB Jeep 1942 Willys MB Jeep Overhauled engine. Tranny gone through, up-graded to 12 volt system. New fuel tank. Runs great. Licensed and insured, roadable. ........ more   posted 01/23/20   

68 Kaiser M715 68 Kaiser M715 New tires, Runs great, needs a new home. Send more pictures on request. Complete canvas new radiator, New batteries, New Fuel tank, it will run in the heat all day. More pictures on request. Also have a ........ more   posted 01/21/20   

1943 Ford GPW Jeep 1943 Ford GPW Jeep WW2 Army Jeep Excellent Condition. Same Owner since 1968 My Dad is selling his 1943 GPW Army Jeep built by Ford (most built by Willys). He has owned it since 1968 * always garaged. Includes ........ more   posted 01/20/20   

1954 M38A1 1954 M38A1 2011 MVPA Gold Motor Pool ready award. Parade ready-runs well. Clear title. Has had the engine replaced. All fording components, winter top with grille cover, side panels, doors. Original ........ more   posted 01/20/20   

1943 Willys MB 1943 Willys MB Total frame off restoration of a 2-19-43 Willys MB. Rebuilt mb engine to include Army Jeep Parts rebuilt starter, generator. Rebuilt radiator, rebuilt T-84 trany and transfer case. New fuel system, ........ more   posted 01/15/20   

1943 Ford GPW 1943 Ford GPW Nice frame off restoration, engine, transmission and transfer case rebuilt, block was replaced with a 1944 Willys but I still have the original number matching Ford block, many original f marked parts and new old stock parts ........ more   posted 01/07/20   

M274 A5 M274 A5 "Sand Mule" Original, complete M274. Original Ft. Lewis Ky. Depot conversion 1n '68. ALL original parts complete except for battery box which is S.S. reproduction. Very recent ( 08/2019 ) restoration. Complete bare ........ more   posted 12/15/19   

M416 B1 M416 B1 Very nice recent full restoration. Bare metal media blasted. New urethane primer base and proper undercoat/lusterless O.D. applied. Wiring, bearings, brakes etc. etc. new as necessary. Original tub in ........ more   posted 12/15/19   

1967 M715 1967 M715 with a 350 Chevy engine, NV4500 trans and 205 divorced transfer case. Dana 60 front and Dana 70 rear axle with 5 83 gears. Garage kept, frame off restore, runs great, comes with 5.3 la engine and extra ........ more   posted 12/13/19   

1967 M151A1 1967 M151A1 totally restored. Engine has been rebuilt. New Exhaust-Radiator-Batteries-new wiring harness. The vehicle was stripped down to the metal and repainted. The vehicle has not been cut and has ........ more   posted 12/12/19   

Willys MB Slat Grille Jeep & Parts Willys MB Slat Grille Jeep & Parts Item 1. I have for sale a February 1942 Willys Slat grille jeep. The frame is rusted through. It has no title. It does have both axles, drive shafts, hood, grill, left fender, windshield, tub, frame, ........ more   posted 12/04/19   

1942 Ford GPW 1942 Ford GPW Very good cond. Has a GPW block with a 47 head, Ford frame and body are in good condition with some minor flaws. Used only in Parades and Veteran events. Price is negotiable. ........ more   posted 11/22/19

1942 FORD GPW 1942 FORD GPW One of the first 10,000 Ford jeeps produced. Original tags dated Mar 29, 1942, runs great, used for parades mainly, clean title as well.Marine green paint job. All restore work done about 10 years ago. ........ more   posted 11/03/19   

1968 Kaiser M715 / Jeep Gladiator 1968 Kaiser M715 / Jeep Gladiator Mostly original with only 15,206 miles. Needs some rust repair, but patch panels are available from Key Parts at Summit Racing. Very solid truck for a 51 year old Jeep! Mechanically sound...runs and ........ more   posted 10/28/19   

1948 CJ 1948 CJ This was my Dad's used in local parades title in hand. Dad past last year and it's time for it to go to a new home ........ more   posted 10/23/19   

Restored Rust-free Uncut Titled Ford M151A2 Military Jeep Restored Rust-free Uncut Titled Ford M151A2 Military Jeep Excellent restored condition Did not put any markings on it as I figured the next owner would like to customize it to meet their needs Beautiful underside Runs and drives very nicely. ........ more   posted 10/22/19   
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Willys M38 Military Jeep chassis Willys M38 Military Jeep chassis M38 rebuilt rolling chassis. This chassis has been rebuilt and was put in storage. It has the Axles, springs, frame, all new brakes, all four lifting shackles and brackets, bumperettes, pintle hitch, four ........ more   posted 10/19/19

1952 Willys Army Jeep 1952 Willys Army Jeep Selling at ABSOLUTE AUCTION on Saturday, October 26th, 2019 at 10 00 AM EDT sharp! Selling regardless of price! 1952 Willys Army Jeep, off frame restorations, model 452 - GBI, F Head L4 - 134 ........ more   posted 10/16/19   

1944 Willys MB Jeep 1944 Willys MB Jeep Previous owner purchased in the early 50's and used it for hunting, located in central Oregon dry climate. Very solid. Data plate on glove box is missing, SN plate on frame is still on frame. Engine is a ........ more   posted 10/16/19   

1950 Willys CJ-3A Jeep 1950 Willys CJ-3A Jeep in great condition. Everything on the vehicle works and starts every time. Ready for its next parade! ........ more   posted 10/16/19   

1952 M38A1 W/ Trailer 1952 M38A1 W/ Trailer Selling our 1952 M38A1 4x4 Jeep that has approximately 38K miles. The sale also includes the 1/4 ton trailer shown in the photos. The jeep is in excellent mechanical condition and we have the service ........ more   posted 10/08/19   

1977 AM General M151A2 1977 AM General M151A2 Uncut restored with many NOS parts, Refurbished fuel tank, 4 new tires, government rebuilt transmission, new seat covers, new paint, new clutch and pressure plate, new release bearing. Radio mount with ........ more   posted 09/30/19   

1969 Kaiser Jeep M715 Gladiator 1969 Kaiser Jeep M715 Gladiator Original everything (except headlights and exterior paint)! This original Jeep Gladiator runs smooth with no rust or any problems. For more information on the M715: ........ more   posted 09/28/19   

M151A2 MUTT w/matching M416 trailer M151A2 MUTT w/matching M416 trailer MUTT 1970 Ford, uncut. 4 new STA ndc tires w/correct tubes/stems. Used often in VFW activities parades etc. Former Mecum auction registry. Correct 24087 ........ more   posted 09/19/19   

1967 M715 Kaiser Jeep 1967 M715 Kaiser Jeep I've owned the vehicle for 11 years, purchased from a friend who did the frame off restoration. Garage kept until 3 years ago, when I purchased another vehicle that took priority in the garage. ........ more   posted 09/11/19   
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1960 Jeep Mighty Mite Model M-422. Fully restored 1960 Jeep Mighty Mite Model M-422. Fully restored These Mighty Mites are awesome Vehicles! This has an aluminum body, a V-4 air-cooled engine and ........ more   posted 09/05/19

F-Head, 24V Generator, Starter, Regulator I have a F-Head I am wanting to sell or trade. It was in my 1950 M38, I would like to put an L-Head in its place. Engine starts right up, runs good, no smoke. I can send pictures or video of the engine running. At one point someone welded the crank pulley to the crankshaft. I do not know how difficult it would be to remove the pulley and replace. The motor would come with the carburetor, coil, distributor, plugs, wires, water pump, and fan. I will keep the flywheel, clutch, and bell housing. I would like to trade it for a good running L-Head, but would sell it for $450. I also have a 24V generator, starter, and Autolite regulator. The generator and starter work great, the regulator appears to be working. I would like to sell the generator for $200, the starter for $200, and the regulator for $100.   Location: Wichita, KS   Contact: John   Phone: (480) 577-7983   posted 09/05/19
Vintage Military Vehicles Vintage Military Vehicles 1968 Military M-725 Ambulance & Kaiser M-715 Jeep; 1 1/4 ton 4x4 All original; very good condition and complete. Ambulance has original and various types of stretchers, gurney, etc. Ambulance is in ........ more   posted 09/05/19

1944 WW II Navy Jeep Model GPW, Fully Restored, 12,000 Original Miles 1944 WW II Navy Jeep Model GPW, Fully Restored, 12,000 Original Miles This Jeep only has 12,000 original miles. ........ more   posted 09/04/19

1943 WW II Amphibious Jeep Model GPA (SEEP) Fully Restored 1943 WW II Amphibious Jeep Model GPA (SEEP) Fully Restored Beautifully and Perfectly Restored 1943 Amphibious Jeep Model GPA. There ........ more   posted 09/04/19

1941 WW II Bantam Jeep Model BR-40 1941 WW II Bantam Jeep Model BR-40 "Prototype" Jeep. Fully Restored Beautiful and fully restored original 1941 Bantam Jeep. This project was restored and is being sold by Phil Nelson of Nelson's Surplus Jeep Parts. We are Charter MVPA Members, Charter ........ more   posted 09/04/19

1951 1/4 Ton Jeep Model M-38. 1951 1/4 Ton Jeep Model M-38. This Jeep has been fully restored and is Show or Museum quality! If interested, please contact us. ........ more   posted 09/03/19

1968 M151A1 Mutt 1968 M151A1 Mutt This particular vehicle did service in the Vietnam War. The Mutt runs well. Needs a body restoration job. Has some minor body rust. The only gauges that work are the voltage ........ more   posted 09/02/19   

1970 M151A2 MUTT 1970 M151A2 MUTT 1970 M151A2 military Jeep. This Jeep MUTT is in great shape it is uncut. (Some were cut in half after their service.) it has a new carburetor and new fuel pump. It runs and drives great. The brakes were ........ more   posted 08/25/19   

1941 Jeep MB 1941 Jeep MB Title says 1941 Date of delivery shows 8-1942 Very clean Good running & Driving, No Rust. New 6 volt Starter, Battery, Rebuilt Alternator, Front end tight, Small oil leek rear of transmission. Located ........ more   posted 08/23/19   

Military M38a1 Jeep Willys Military M38a1 Jeep Willys I have this M38a1 that is in red primer put on it several years ago, it is complete with all the small parts there. It still has the 24 volt system. It runs with no smoke. the carb could be cleaned, the ........ more   posted 08/19/19   

1953 M38A1 1953 M38A1 All original, rebuilt motor. I made the top for it. It came off the USS Coral Sea aircraft carrier. Bought at a government auction and kept in a barn until it was ........ more   posted 08/12/19   

The car that inspired the Jeep - 1940 American Bantam Speedster Deluxe The car that inspired the Jeep - 1940 American Bantam Speedster Deluxe In 1939, American Bantam produced 238 Speedsters. Ten of these were held over to 1940 and fitted with leather upholstery and extra Chrome & stainless, called Deluxe models, to serve as prototypes for the ........ more   posted 08/01/19

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Army Jeep Parts

Story Of Army Jeep Parts
Keeping The Military Jeep Alive
WarJeeps T.V.© Take an exclusive tour of Army Jeep Parts, Inc. with George Baxter as he explains the services he offers and how he got started in the JEEP business. From a renowned inventory of parts and accessories to carb testing to in-house rebuilds, Army Jeep Parts will help you keep your military (and civilian) JEEP running like it did when it came off the factory line. Visit:

The Rarest Factory Jeep One-Of-A-Kind CJ2A with Willys MB WWII Frame
WarJeeps T.V.© George Baxter of Army Jeep Parts chronicles his restoration of one of the rarest Willys Overland factory Jeeps. This 2A was built with a WWII frame. Browse Parts at:

The MB GPW Front Bumper Rope
Gene Olsen takes us on a journey back in time, experience the history, use and manufacture of the Front Bumper Rope through memories shared by his Grandpa(Gene E. Olsen) a WWII Vet. Gene's story begins "As the B-29 came in for its second attempt at landing, the first not being good enough for the air boss sitting in the tower, the exhausted crew touched down mid runway, hard!"

Phoenix Graphix

Army Jeep Photo Briefing
Sell your Jeep
with these seven simple secrets!
So you've got a one-of-a-kind War Jeep to sell and you're ready to place a free classified ad on But wait - you're not a professional photographer. How are your photos going to turn out? Will potential buyers get the right idea of your Jeep's condition?

Dispatcher Magazine
Dispatcher Magazine

2021 Holy Toledo Calendar
Holy Toledo Calendar

Holy Toledo Calendar
We have some interesting Jeeps again this year including a CJ-10, the Kaiser family's personal Super Wagoneer and a 1969 Gladiator thriftside that was one of 200 built. Makes a Great gift too!

Jeep Action Magazine
Jeep Action eMagazine
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The National League of POW/MIA Families

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