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1947 Willys CJ2A Finished to Military 1947 Willys CJ2A Finished to Military  Video Ad  Up for sale is a 1947 Willys CJ2A serial #116959 that is finished as an MB style WWII Army military Jeep. The accessories that are shown in the photos are also included, which include fire extinguisher, shovel, helmet, 1945 trench shovel, replica grenade crate, three military bags, pistol belt and canteen ........ more    1947 Willys CJ2A Finished to Military
1952 M38-A1 1952 M38-A1 I Decided to sell my personal 52 M38-A1 to finance my Wagoneer build. It has 51k original miles. I have had this for 6-8 years I think.... I believe I am the second owner (minus military). I purchased I purchased from a elderly gentleman's family when he was in hospice. Still 24volt, all blackout lights work aside from drivers fender light, including the dash. ........ more    1952 M38-A1
1951 Willys M-38 Army Jeep 1951 Willys M-38 Army Jeep Museum Quality MINT A rare find in this condition. Beautiful 1951 Willys Army Jeep has won multiple car shows with trophies. Mounted 50 caliber & 30 caliber machine guns. Commutation Radio. Engine runs perfect. ........ more  
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1951 Willys M-38 Army Jeep
1942 Ford GPW Script body 1942 Ford GPW Script body, VIN GPW-47878 This '42 Ford GPW has been completely restored and is in excellent running and driving condition. Based on the serial number, the jeep was produced in July 1942, near the end of the jeeps produced by Ford with the Ford script logo on the rear panel. ........ more  
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1942 Ford GPW Script body

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1952 Strict M100 Trailer 1952 Strict M100 Trailer All 3 data plates in place and nearly new tires. Pulled this with my M38 for events and parades. Landing leg, pintle, brake lever and lights are as they should be. Includes rubber mat in floor, canvas ........ more   posted 05/20/19

Rare M718 1061 Army Ambulance Jeep Rare M718 1061 Army Ambulance Jeep Ford M151 Uncut Restored Mileage 850 miles, 4 cylinder engine, Museum Quality Restoration with all the supplies for a medic ambulance Jeep included. Contact Don at ........ more   posted 05/17/19

M-151 Mutt, M-37, Lots of Jeep Parts M-151 Mutt, M-37, Lots of Jeep Parts I inherited all this when my father passed 19? M-151 Mutt, I know it runs, I was there the day it was drove into his shop, Comes with original roll bars, top, doors, seats, rear seat, he had started ........ more   posted 05/09/19

M101A2 M101A2 Not much history known on this trailer. It has been very well kept with very little to no rust on the body nor frame. Wheels axle and bearings are solid and ready to roll. ........ more   posted 05/07/19

1955 M38A1 Chassis 1955 M38A1 Chassis This chassis is fully equipped, throw a tub on her and wiring harness and she is ready to go. history is unclear and the title is non-existent. ........ more   posted 05/07/19

1952 M38 1952 M38 Great running original Willys Jeep. Fording package is equipped. The engine has been recently fully reworked December of last year. Valves lapped, new gaskets, rebuilt fuel pump, rebuilt generator, ........ more   posted 05/07/19

1955 Jeep M38A1 Willys 1955 Jeep M38A1 Willys original 24 volts, waterproof system, California registered jeep, runs and drives. Fhead engine t90 transmission dana 18 transfercase 5.38 axles. Great restoration project. ........ more   posted 05/06/19

2 1942 trailers 1 Converto Airborn and 1 General Purpose 2 1942 trailers 1 Converto Airborn and 1 General Purpose Both in good condition everything works mechanically. combat rims. ........ more   posted 05/06/19

1945 Willys MB 1945 Willys MB In good condition runs good have full heavy duty top and side curtains with doors. Also have extra parts, fenders hood windshield, wiring harness. Also have unused capstain winch that is not installed. ........ more   posted 05/06/19

1942 Ford GPW 1942 Ford GPW Sr. # 77111 DD 10-10-1942 California Title with matching frame number & data plate. A piece of American History. A rare & a survivor in all original and in nice working condition. Can email ........ more   posted 05/04/19

1944 Ford GPW 1944 Ford GPW Nice older restoration, all period correct hardware, most parts / bolts have the script F stamped. 1200 miles since frame off restoration, complete rebuild. Runs great, stops great. ........ more   posted 05/01/19

1945 Willys MB 1945 Willys MB WW2 Army Jeep. Very original, correct and detailed, older Restoration. Original Tub, (not a reproduction), Combat Wheels and correct Tires. Original Willys Engine with # 588502. 6 Volt System with Foot ........ more   posted 04/29/19

Auction M35A3 / M715, Jeep Willys Parts, and much more Auction M35A3 / M715, Jeep Willys Parts, and much more! M35A3 / M715 Parts, Jeep Willys Parts 454 LS5/Dana 60 /Dana 80/ Complete Willys Drivetrain/ T90 Trans/ Dana20 Transfer Case/Turbo 400 Trans/Turbo350 Trans/Onan Generators/ Sun Distributor Tester/New ........ more   posted 04/25/19

1972 M151A2 Uncut and Rust Free 1972 M151A2 Uncut and Rust Free This M151A2 is a Museum Quality M151 which originally came from a Reserve Unit located in Arizona. It is rust free with all its original body panels with the exception of the Windshield and Hood. ........ more   posted 04/24/19   

1968 Kaiser Jeep M715 military 5/4 ton Truck 1968 Kaiser Jeep M715 military 5/4 ton Truck A real beauty it is all original except for the oversize Michelen tires. Lots of extra's included. I drove it 46 miles last season. Two parades and some local cruise nights. It has 15,000 original ........ more   posted 04/20/19   

M151 A2 M151 A2 This is a 1976 M151-A2. licensed as a 1947 Willys (rebuilt with some of my old willys parts) Has a new rebuilt Zenith carb, Five new tires and powdered coated rims, two spare rims and used mil ........ more   posted 04/17/19

1971 AMC M151A2 MUTT 4x4 Jeep UNCUT 1971 AMC M151A2 MUTT 4x4 Jeep UNCUT  Video Ad  Uncut. MUTT. 1971 M151A2 with ROPS USMC - Ready to go with clear Florida Title. Needs nothing. Comes with additional NOS canopy top, door skins with wire frames and side curtains. Tires are brand ........ more   posted 04/13/19   

Willys Jeep registered as a Willys 1941 but is one of the French M201 Willys Hotchkiss Jeeps Willys Jeep registered as a Willys 1941 but is one of the French M201 Willys Hotchkiss Jeeps What I have is a Willys French Hotchkiss M201 in great condition. I purchased it off a widow that lives about 10 miles from me it was kept in a polebarn and is in great condition not sure how long ........ more   posted 04/10/19

1942 GPW Jeep 1942 GPW Jeep The early GPW JEEP is manufactured 4/16/1942. Runs and drives. A great candidate for restoration. I purchased from the owner who owned it in Arizona since 1980. Rebuilt Engine has a Willys head from early civilian. Original T 84 tranny. 6 volt system. Combat wheels. ........ more   posted 04/06/19   

Willys M38 Jeep Barn Find Willys M38 Jeep Barn Find I am selling this Jeep for my father who is 89. He has had this Jeep for many decades but never got around to doing anything with it. As you can see it is all original military. It doesn't look to me like ........ more   posted 04/02/19

Project Jeep! Project Jeep! I am trying to sell my Dads jeep for him. He is 94 years old and has had it for many decades! I remember it running as a kid but it has now been sitting for 20+ years. My dad attempted to restore it a ........ more   posted 03/31/19

1970 M151A2 1970 M151A2 In great shape. Have owned for four years. Bought from military collector in Texas who brought this MUTT back to life. Has been garaged for years. Had been converted to ambulance; I brought it back to ........ more   posted 03/31/19   

Communication Trailer WWII communication trailer, rare. Door on the back and side door. Roll down windows on both sides.   Location: Mount Olive, AL   Contact: Al   email:   Phone: 205 965 1966   posted 03/31/19
1977 J-20 Ambulance 1977 J-20 Ambulance Jeep J-20 Ambulance 360 4 speed. Fi tech fuel injection. Daily driver. ........ more   posted 03/24/19   

1962 Willys M38A1 Marine Jeep 1962 Willys M38A1 Marine Jeep that shows 27000 miles, has all the original paint and markings still 24 volts, wipers and heater works, new tires, runs and drives great complete and original just sits in the garage ........ more   posted 03/19/19   

1952 Willys M38 with mounted machine gun 1952 Willys M38 with mounted machine gun I have owned this jeep for over 20 years and only put 900 mile on it mostly going to shows parades and 4x4 events. Did most of the restoration myself. It has new tires and tubes, rebuilt the carb, new ........ more   posted 03/18/19

Rare 1967 Mutt Medic Jeep Rare 1967 Mutt Medic Jeep 6,600 miles. 67 era radio, 4 stretchers, multi stretcher adaption assembly (less than 8 min. 2 pin passenger seat out 4 brackets in). 24 volt system, good flaps and doors. Runs great all ........ more   posted 03/07/19   

Fully Restored 1952 Willys M38A1 Jeep Fully Restored 1952 Willys M38A1 Jeep this jeep has been restored to be a functionally perfect beautiful example of the venerable M38A1 with any parts needed, replaced with new items. The elderly previous owner had gone part way in restoring this M38A1 prior to our acquisition and our doing an extensive restoration to virtual show quality. ........ more   posted 03/05/19

Jeep with trailer extra tires and parts Jeep with trailer extra tires and parts My wife inherited this gem and want to find it a good home. It runs and is in great shape we looked up the serial number and it was used in the Vietnam war ........ more   posted 02/25/19

1951 Willys M38 with M416 Trailer and MEP 018A Genset 1951 Willys M38 with M416 Trailer and MEP 018A Genset Complete Nut And Bolt Mechanical Restoration All Receipts and Old Parts M416 Trailer: Unrestored Mep 018a Genset: Runs, Unrestored ........ more   posted 02/19/19

Wanted: WTB ISO M170 project/parts Looking for a M170 frontline ambulance project/parts. Any year is fine. Title is a plus but not required. Send pics and price to my email with M170 JEEP in subject line.   Location: Vincennes, IN   Contact: Jeremy   email:   posted 2/13/19
Wanted: M-151 A2 Please contact me if you have a project jeep for sale. I don't want to tackle a complete restoration but happy to put my back into something that needs some work.   Location: Tampa, FL   Contact: Dee Long   Phone: 813-495-8000   posted 1/21/19
1969 M151A2 Uncut and NO rust 1969 M151A2 Uncut and NO rust Beautiful uncut example of an M151A2. Totally restored with new engine, transmission/transfer case (fresh out of the crate, NOS), drive shafts, differentials, all universal joints, canvas top w/sides, ........ more   posted 01/13/19   

1967 M715 Cargo Truck with Winch 1967 M715 Cargo Truck with Winch Good straight original M715 with factory front mounted PTO winch and factory heater. This truck has a nice straight body and is rust free... Except for a spot in the left rear ( drivers side ) cab corner. ........ more   posted 01/07/19

1952 Willys M38 1952 Willys M38 I've owned this Jeep for about 5 years now and it's time to let someone else enjoy it. It was restored by the man I bought it from back in the 1990's. ........ more   posted 01/07/19

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Vietnam era Army Mule Vietnam era Army Mule It has been fully restored with new tires, new canvas seat, new steering wheel and other work. It runs very well and is presently in a military museum in South Carolina. It was originally a Marine Corp ........ more   posted 01/05/19

Spen 1946 Trailer Spen 1946 Trailer very rare military type trailer, built by Henry Spen Co. in 1946. Spen made trailers and equipment for the war later this trailer was built for the public. Solid body, no rust through. has been ........ more   posted 12/29/18

1942 Ford GPW 1942 Ford GPW Sr. # 77111 DD 10-10-1942 A piece of American History. A rare survivor in all original and in nice working condition. Can email more pictures. ........ more   posted 12/29/18

1966 Ford M151A1 MUTT 1966 Ford M151A1 MUTT In very good conditions. I purchased this 5 years ago and have driven it every couple of weeks. Transmission and clutch have been rebuilt. Radiator is new. All gauges work and it runs great. Comes with ........ more   posted 12/15/18

1952 Willys Korean War Jeep 1952 Willys Korean War Jeep Military Willys M-38A1 Jeep. It has 43,197 miles on it. This is a very solid Jeep that presents well. It has been restored to military specifications by my father. This Jeep was running when stored ........ more   posted 12/11/18   

1942 WWII Willys MBT trailer 1942 WWII Willys MBT trailer 1942 Willys MBT WWII trailer restored These trailers are pretty rare. Especially good looking ones. Comes with new Canvas top. All ........ more   posted 12/05/18   

1955 m38a1 Willys Jeep and m100 1955 m38a1 Willys Jeep and m100 In great shape my Dad did all the restoration. Motor has been rebuilt he had it for about 20 years. I got it from him about 4 years ago it need a tune up and the tie rod ends> I got the tie rods ends but ........ more   posted 11/26/18

NOS Ford 151a2 engine for sale This is a NOS never been used factory engine mutt a2 engine in a crate. It has been gone through to check for rust. No rust, new gasket and seals. Brand new long block with fly wheel. No distributor, no alt. New plugs and filters, new pulleys. Never used or in a vehicle!   Location: Gettysburg, PA   Contact: Dee   email:   posted 11/25/18
WTB, Hobbyist looking to buy GPW AND Willys war Jeeps I am a retired senior citizen looking to buy a GPW or a MB Willy's Jeep in restored or restorable condition. I grew up with these Jeeps as our daily drivers back in the 50's and 60's and hence the nostalgia . I will pay most fair value quickly as it is for my personal collection and not for export or resell.   Location: Gilbert, AZ   Contact: Naik   email:   Phone: 16023737947   posted 11/20/18
1952 Navy Jeep M38 1952 Navy Jeep M38 Nice restoration on original US Navy jeep. New every thing! Runs and drives like new! Needs original style battery for perfection. In Naples, Fl Clean clear title. ........ more   posted 11/15/18

1944 Ford Army Jeep 1944 Ford Army Jeep This is a very nice restored 1944 Ford WWII Jeep in excellent running condition. This is a complete frame-off restoration with period correct components that is parade or show ready (GPW judging standards ........ more   posted 11/14/18

1943 GPW 1943 GPW Recent frame off refurb. Runs drives and stops great. Great re-enactors jeep. Later motor married to t 90 transmission. Includes pedestal and cradle. M1919 browning not included. Call or text with ........ more   posted 11/10/18

1955 Willys Military Jeep 1955 Willys Military Jeep Original 24 Volt Working gauges Runs good (drives like a military Jeep) 66,000 miles Good tires Garage kept ........ more   posted 11/09/18

Artic Engine Heater / Stove for pre-1950 GPW Artic Engine Heater / Stove for pre-1950 GPW Functional artic Superflex Engine Heater by Perfection Stove Company. For pre 50s GPW. In good shape. ........ more   posted 11/07/18

1952 Jeep Willy M38 & M100 Trailer 1952 Jeep Willy M38 & M100 Trailer Selling a street legal 1952 Willys Army Jeep Model M-38 with lockable 1952 Dunbar-Kapple M-100 Engineer Ordnance Stock Trailer. This Korean War Jeep in Olive Drab over tan canvas was made to drive ........ more   posted 11/03/18

1968 M-715 5/4 ton Kaiser/Jeep 454ci 400 turbo 1968 M-715 5/4 ton Kaiser/Jeep 454ci 400 turbo M715 Kaiser Jeep 1968 4X4, currently Tagged,...Rebuilt 454 CI/400 turbo auto, PS, PB, Heat, Headers with ele. cut outs, ele. running boards hidden to rocker, interior lights, all these things are New, ........ more   posted 10/28/18

1971 Ford M151 A2 Jeep 1971 Ford M151 A2 Jeep I purchased this unrestored vehicle in 2011 with only 8,213 original miles and spent 2 years rebuilding it. I say rebuild rather than restore because my idea of a restored vehicle, no matter how ........ more   posted 10/08/18   

1968 Jeep Kaiser M-715 parts 1968 Jeep Kaiser M-715 parts Complete uncut wiring harness- $400 / front brushgard grill-$175 / custom made grill and incert $125 / original starter $50 / front and rear bummpers $100e /fuelspout $125 / many other misc parts, no ........ more   posted 10/02/18

1957 Willy's M38A-1 Military 4-wheel-drive Jeep 1957 Willy's M38A-1 Military 4-wheel-drive Jeep Partially restored to original condition with period correct parts. Rebuilt major mechanical items. Includes new wiring harness, new heavy canvas top with side curtains, five new military type tires, and ........ more   posted 10/01/18   

1968 Kaiser Jeep M-715 1968 Kaiser Jeep M-715 only made 2 years. Sandblasted body only rust was in pass side rocker, replaced rocker. Dana 70 rear/ disc brakes / dana 60 front disc brakes/locker/lockout hubs. Re geared with 456 ........ more   posted 10/01/18   

Jeep Willys CJ 3A International
Jeep Willys CJ 3A This vehicle was at Portuguese army service from 1950 to 1964. From then on, it has been in the hands of private collectors. It works perfectly and its in great shape. ........ more   posted 09/29/18

1962 Ford MUTT M151A1 Complete! Very Decent Condition! 1962 Ford MUTT M151A1 Complete! Very Decent Condition! This is a pretty cool 1962 Ford made M-151A1 Military MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck). I know what your thinking. IT'S BLUE! Yes. It's blue. I have no idea why it's blue (*It was pointed out that ........ more   posted 09/25/18   

1951 Willys M-38 1951 Willys M-38 Thoroughly gone through M-38 as pictures will show, new items are windshield, newly installed overdrive and heater from Kaiser/Willys, two new front tires, new exhaust, new gauges, mostly rewired, new ........ more   posted 09/08/18

1968 M-715 1968 M-715 Professionally built Southern California desert truck. No body rust at all (ever). Completely original intact body. 350 SBC crate motor w / Edelbrock intake, carb and filter. Headman headers. Dual ........ more   posted 08/30/18   

1967 Ford Military Jeep 1967 Ford Military Jeep Beautiful uncut 1967 Ford military jeep with only 21,000 miles. Great transmission, great brakes, parade ready, comes with original pioneer kit, canvas door & top Priced to sell ........ more   posted 08/30/18

Near Mint 1967 M715 Jeep Kaiser Near Mint 1967 M715 Jeep Kaiser Classic Jeep Kaiser with original 233 Tornado engine and all the trimmings. Wife bought for me after retiring from Army four years ago.. Have done nothing to it but five parades. In the Preble ........ more   posted 08/25/18   

1953 m38a1 1953 m38a1 Rust free all original jeep, new 700-16 military tires and tubes, new batteries and hold downs. Documentation and receipts on the work that was done.Some spare parts and full set of manuals, antique plates ........ more   posted 08/19/18   

1954 Willy's M38 Military Radio Jeep 1954 Willy's M38 Military Radio Jeep Original body and frame. M38-A1 in great condition. Canvas top, body, and engine are all great shape with very little to no rust. Powered by the Hurricane F- Head ........ more   posted 08/15/18

Military Military Needs restored inline 6 cylinder hemi with 22,000 miles ........ more   posted 08/08/18

Water Buffalo Trailer Water Buffalo Trailer Good used Water Buffalo Trailer without the Water Buffalo. Trailer is as solid as they come Has some dings and dents, but no major Damage Tires are like new no cracks or weathering. Heavy duty ........ more   posted 08/05/18   

Wanted: engine L 134 with all Parts (Carburator, Alternator, Gearbox usw) Looking for an engine L 134 with all Parts (Carburator, Alternator, Gearbox usw)for installation in a Willys Jeep MB Manufacture 09-1945.   Location: Germany, Baden Wurttemberg in 73450 Neresheim (Airport)   Contact: Wolfgang Mang   email:   posted 7/31/18
1966 Ford USMC M151 A1 Jeep 1966 Ford USMC M151 A1 Jeep UNCUT Sport Utility 4x4 independent suspension. Vinyl top and doors, 4 cyclinder engin with pressurized ignition for deep water fording. equipped with artic hot water heater and ........ more   posted 07/30/18   

1969 AM General M151A2 1969 AM General M151A2 It starts and drives and shifts through the gears well. It comes with new spark plug wires, new spark plugs, new steering gear box, new generator, new brake shoes, new brake master cylinder, new brake ........ more   posted 07/25/18   

1968 Jeep Kaiser M725 Ambulance 4x4 1968 Jeep Kaiser M725 Ambulance 4x4 This truck has 11,000 original miles, runs drives good. It is rated a 1 1/4 ton, has a gear ratio of 5.85 1, 4spd tranny, 1100x16 Michelin tires, a 230ci Jeep Tornado engine. All gurneys were pulled out ........ more   posted 07/21/18

67 M151-A-1 67 M151-A-1 This is a brand new restoration with less than 100 miles! Vehicle has a clear FL. title and has never been cut! New clutch, new schedule 8 hardware fording kit NO RUST on this vehicle For ........ more   posted 07/16/18   

Wanted: GPW motor Looking for a good, solid GPW motor. The SN of my GPW is 119663 (dod May 1943). It would be great to find something close, but I would be happy with any SN. I am willing to pay more for something already rebuilt and ready to go.   Location: Westerville, OH   Contact: Dave   Phone: 6144020290   posted 7/6/18
1942 Ford GPW Willys 1942 Ford GPW Willys 1996 GM fuel injected 4.3 V6. Rebuilt ford 4 speed T18 low granny, rebuilt dana 18 transfer case. 5.38 axles. A lot of work done on this jeep registered and pink slip on hand. Ready for off road or daily ........ more   posted 07/03/18   

70's M151 A2 and trailer 70's M151 A2 and trailer Many spare parts, including motor transmission and suspension. New parts include axles, brake parts and snorkel kit. ........ more   posted 06/30/18

1967 M715 Jeep Kaiser 1967 M715 Jeep Kaiser Parade ready!! Recently refurbished 1967 M715 5/4 Ton Jeep Kaiser. Work done New carb New master cylinder New oil and filter New fuel lines New fuel filter Fuel pump rebuilt Water pump ........ more   posted 06/29/18   

3 Original WW2 Cannons 3 Original WW2 Cannons I have 3 original WW2 cannons for sale a 1941 37mm anti-tank gun, a 1943 57mm field cannon, and a 1943 3-inch field cannon. All in quite good shape. The breeches, per ATF regulations, have been ........ more   posted 06/29/18

1952 Willy's M38 Military Radio Jeep 1952 Willy's M38 Military Radio Jeep A fully restored M38 has been body off frame restored in 1997. Original body and frame. I purchased this Jeep in 2012 with only 5,895 miles. I was told the engine block was cracked. I purchased another ........ more   posted 06/27/18   

M-100 Trailer M-100 Trailer M-100 Trailer in Excellent Condition. California Title. ........ more   posted 06/20/18   

1940s Jeep - you tell me! 1950s Jeep - you tell me! Found myself in possession of this great little jeep when my sister passed away and have kept it in a barn since then. Living in an arid climate it has held up well. Runs good but hasn't been started in a ........ more   posted 06/20/18   
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1955 M38-A1 1955 M38-A1 in good condition. Hurricane f head engine with t90 transmission 40,334 miles 2x2 rust section on the rear floor that could be repaired pretty easily. ........ more   posted 06/20/18

1952 M38 Willys Military Jeep 1952 M38 Willys Military Jeep This Jeep is in very good condition. It has the full size canvas top and doors that can be taking off, very nice tires, new batteries. My Jeep has been garaged kept when not being showed off. ........ more   posted 06/11/18

1965 M151 A1 Army Jeep 1965 M151 A1 Army Jeep M151 A1 Army jeep with mounted 50 cal replica gun, radio mount, many spare parts. Garage kept. ........ more   posted 06/04/18   

1968 Jeep Kaiser M715 (5/4 ton) 1968 Jeep Kaiser M715 (5/4 ton) This vehicle is all stock and is a perfect start for a restoration or foundation to a modified truck. Either way this is an awesome truck! The previous owner performed a body off restoration on the ........ more   posted 05/24/18

Jeep M38 parts I have several military Jeep M38 parts for which I need to find a home quickly. I have three heads (F head valves), shifter assembly, three alternators, oil pan, starter, two carburetors, crankshaft, exhaust manifold, transfer case, and a number of other hard parts. Make an offer for all of it.   posted 5/23/18    Sold in 3 Hours!   Get Yours listed Today!
Wanted: M101 Jeep Trailer I am looking for an M101 Trailer to use with my 1943 Ford Jeep GPW. Would prefer still having the round Lunette Hitch.   Location: Mocksville, NC   Contact: Harry Little   email:   Phone: 336-425-6842   posted 5/21/18
Quarter Ton Army Trailer Quarter Ton Army Trailer Korean war era jeep 1/4 ton trailer. It has been completed redone and has new canvass and new tires to include a new spare. This little trailer is a gem and ready to go. It has been in garage since ........ more   posted 05/09/18   

1953 Jeep M38A1 Front Line Ambulance 1953 Jeep M38A1 Front Line Ambulance Being offered to settle an estate is a totally original very good running 1953 Willys Jeep M 38 A1 Ambulance. This is rust free, well maintained Arizona, one owner Jeep with 21,376 actual miles. ........ more   posted 04/30/18

1967 M715 Jeep 1967 M715 Jeep 1967 M715 Military Jeep. Has Chevy 350 Crate engine. 40 inch tires. 456 gears. Other extras. Newly restored. ........ more   posted 04/28/18

1945 Willys MB 1945 Willys MB runs, yard drives throughout all gears, frame looks pretty decent. Motor looks original smokes ........ more   posted 04/25/18   

1942 Jeep GPW 1942 Jeep GPW serial # GPW 52718. It starts, runs and stops perfectly. This is an older restoration from around 1996. In 2011 a professionally rebuilt GPW marked engine, from Northwest Military Vehicles ........ more   posted 04/14/18   

1971 M35A2 1971 M35A2 Deuce and a half converted into a 4 door 4x4 Tonka truck. It is in excellent condition and very fun to drive. Was going to paint it gray but thought someone might get a kick out of it as is. 27,501 ........ more   posted 04/10/18

54 Willys Jeep 54 Willys Jeep Runs good, doesn't smoke, new water pump, fuel pump, tune up, 4wd works, PTO winch works. ........ more   posted 04/06/18

M715 Jeep Truck M715 Jeep Truck Great condition for a rebuild or restoration project. Body, doors and bed are solid. Only rust spot noted is located in the passenger floorboard. Has partial non-running 360 and PTO winch ........ more   posted 04/05/18

1942 Ford GPW Miltary Jeep 1942 Ford GPW Miltary Jeep Great vehicle. Been in family around 40 years. Kept in storage. It runs and is easy to work on. Has military tag. Full roll bar. Tow bar and back tow. Manual transmission. In pretty good shape. ........ more   posted 04/04/18   
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