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1954 Willys Jeep M38A1

Lots of work done, good driver/parade truck. This is my client's Jeep and I've done 99.9% of the work to it since he acquired it. He is moving in a different direction in the hobby and is putting the Jeep up for sale and since I've done all the work for the last 4+ years, I'm helping him sell it.

Details: Vehicle has recently been serviced with new oil and filter, all fluids checked, all zerks greased, etc. All systems on vehicle function as they should: Engine, drivetrain, 4wd, gauges, lights, parking brake, etc.

Condition: Vehicle is in very good driver or parade duty condition. Sheetmetal is above average, but not perfect. Both front fenders were wrinkled at some point and straightened. They are acceptable in their current condition but a new owner looking for show quality perfection will probably want to replace them. Tub corners, rockers, cowl and rear panel are excellent. Vehicle had a replacement floor pan installed at some point and the job was done competently. Rear panel is straight and has never had a tailgate cut in. Windshield is correct M-series Jeep (it's an M170 ambulance Jeep model, but it's identical to M38A1 other than two small brackets on top for stretchers) and has new glass and weatherstripping. Vehicle retains all of its original 24V system (25A generator, external regulator, blackout lights, etc.). Most of the wiring is new and retains the original Douglas connectors. The paint is older and a few spots have been touched up but overall it's a clean and presentable vehicle. Vehicles runs very well, will maintain 50mph, transmission doesn't pop out of 2nd gear like so many T90s, transfer works like it should, etc. Carburetor is the correct Carter YS950, etc.

Work that I've done: Installed 24-12V converter (15A) to power parade light/siren/power port
Full tune up with new points, condenser, coil, cap, etc.
Full rebuild of carburetor and tuning
Rebuilt parking brake assy.
Resealed transfer case driveshaft flanges and converted transfer case to having low range 2 wheel drive capability (removed shift interlock, not a permanent modification and can easily be put back to stock)
Replaced master cylinder, flushed brake system and bled with new DOT BFS
Flushed radiator
Drained all fluids and refilled with correct GL1 90W.
Rebuilt front steering linkage with new bellcrank, tie rods and tie rod ends (X4)
Replaced timing gears
Replaced bottom end of engine: the oil pan was full of sludge, starved engine of oil and spun #4 bearing. I cleaned out the pan, cleaned out the pickup, removed the engine, removed the crank and #4 piston/rod assy. and bought a replacement crank, had the new crank turned, installed replacement #4 rod, all new main and rod bearings and out everything back together. I used plastigauge on every single bearing to check clearances and all were within spec. Engine has had multiple oil changes since overhaul and never has any metal shavings in the filter.
Installed new radiator core support felt and correct rivets
Painted a replacement rear seat in the correct color and upholstered the seat in NOS upper and lower cushions with correct hardware.
Installed fire extinguisher
Valves adjusted
Built a really cool military police spare tire cover, using an original steel disc (we copied the size and font of the lettering exactly) that requires no tools to remove and didn't modify the Jeep in any way.
Fuel tank has a rebuilt pickup assembly. New filter, sandblasted and coated the assy. to stop any rust from getting into the fuel system. Also has a new sending unit
Hidden kill switch with key for safety
Replaced oil filter hoses
Electric windshield wiper on drivers side for reliability

Price: $10,900 OBO

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